Raihan Kabir Arrested:

Government Can't Risk Labor Market for One Individual

Regarding the arrest of Bangladeshi immigrant Rayhan Kabir in Malaysia, Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmed said they are looking after the country's interests.

"There is no doubt that he is a citizen of Bangladesh. We have a responsibility towards him. But our responsibility towards the country is bigger. We have to keep that in mind," he said while talking to BBC Bangla. 

"There are millions of workers working there. I have to think about them. I'm not questioning what a person did, why he did it. His issue comes much later here," he added: 

Malaysia is an important labor market for Bangladesh. As per government, there are about six lakh registered workers in Malaysia. There are also a large number of unregistered workers

The Bangladeshi government does not want to jeopardize the labor market with its position on Rayhan Kabir, the minister said.

Most of the countries in the world help their citizens if they get involved in any legal complications abroad.

Even if there is a criminal offense, there is a precedent of bringing him back to the country and arranging for his trial.

A Philippine domestic worker working in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death for killing her employer.

The Filipino government then made strong diplomatic efforts, including assisting him with the appointment of a lawyer.

The government of Bangladesh has been criticized for its passive role in the case of Rayhan Kabir.

There has been no direct statement from the government since his arrest on what exactly is being done about him.

He was arrested on July 24 after giving an interview to Al Jazeera television about the persecution of migrant workers in Malaysia.

He has been remanded for 14 days after his arrest.

Kabir shas been widely criticized on social media in Malaysia for his interview. Many have posted comments expressing hatred towards him.

Malaysian human rights activists have criticized the country's government following his arrest.

International human rights group Human Rights Watch has called for the release of Raihan Kabir, calling him "outspoken".

In Dhaka, 64 such organizations working with migrants and immigrants also staged a protest rally on Thursday.

Source: BBC Bangla
Translator: Apurbo Roy


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