Tisha Was 3rd-Choice Actress before '14th August'

Tasnuva Tisha, who has been active in television drama for six years, came to the fore after the web series 'August 14.' The ShihabShaheen-led six-episode crime thriller was published during Eid-ul - Fitr on Binge, the OTT entertainment channel. Since being leaked, it was even posted to YouTube. Both platform audiences appear to enjoy it.

Tisha played the lead role in the series, which has been much appreciated by all. It has changed her position in the entertainment world. Now she is getting numerous offers for acting in different dramas. She is enjoying it a lot. However, she has also been subject to controversy for portraying bold scenes in the series. However, the criticism of doing some explicit scenes in 'August 14,' Tisha said she just played the role as per her director's instruction. "

I think the director was trying to show the things he thought were necessary for the role in the web series. Moreover, it is said at the outset that the material is for a mature audience. But one will watch the web series with that in mind, "she added.

"He first said that he thought of the position of actress Prasun Azad, but she told him that she was physically unfit to play the part. So, as a second choice, he preferred me. He felt that I was ideal for the position. Besides, Shihabbhai 's aunt, actress Jakia Bari Momo, proposed that he take me. My voice, height, and getup go with the character," she said.

Tisha said she read the script, then studied news in print media and watched TV reports on the incident. Besides, she also read the charge sheet of the case and the verdict.  She followed the director's guidelines. All these things played a role in the making of Oishee in Tisha. It took 15 days at a stretch to complete the shooting and for not a single moment, I thought of anything but the character. "

The web series has completely changed my world. Earlier, directors used to call me if they did not get the schedule with two to three renowned actresses. Now they first contact me. Before the release of '14th August', I was just an average actor to the directors. But now I am their first choice," she said. 


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