France's Assa Traore Honored at BET Awards

Worldwide dissident Assa Traore, whose sibling Adama was killed in French police care four years prior, was given the BET Global Good honor on Sunday. 

Traore expressed gratitude toward BET, an American TV slot committed to African-American and minority individuals, for the honor, calling it "an affirmation of our battle." 

"It's an affirmation for all the people in question, for all the families who continue battling for truth and equity," she said in a video message played during the virtual honors service. 

The honor is "Wager International's acknowledgment of open figures who utilize their foundation for social duty and goodness while exhibiting a pledge to the government assistance of the worldwide Black people group," as indicated by the channel's site. 

Prior to her sibling's passing, Traore, who has been named the French Angela Davis after the US political lobbyist, had never been somebody who battled for a reason. 

In any case, the 35-year-old mother of three was pushed into the core of the worldwide battle against police brutality and bigotry by the demise in Minneapolis police care a month ago of George Floyd. 

For a long time, she crusaded, sorted out shows, stood up openly and gave various meetings in the wake of charging her sibling was killed by the police. An examination is as yet continuous. 

For quite a while, the "Adama battle" stayed a neighborhood fight unnoticed outside France. Be that as it may, the passing of George Floyd has slung it into the worldwide cognizance. 

A large number of individuals exhibited in Paris toward the beginning of June and many others rioted across France against prejudice. 

"For the sake of my sibling, I will make a huge difference I can change," Traore told AFP on Saturday.


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