''All Animals Have Important Roles in the Ecosystem''


Something I really love doing is taking care of all kinds of animals. It's my hobby. And I absolutely love doing it. I personally love pet competitions or carnivals, dog shows, dog racing, dogs agility competitions, animal keeping, animal training, and animal rescue. Ok, so you must be thinking why dogs-dogs so much…obviously because of my little puppy-- Zimba Ember. 

Well, she is very famous; everybody knows her and if you don’t then what you are even doing with your life! I have had always a soft corner for animals, before having Zimba as well. But after having my little sister I realized animals are so innocent, loving, caring and loyal, and mostly they are so important to our lives as they make our lives so important. 


Let's talk about my pets all over my 13 years of life! I used to have fishes before, they are amazing, you know, but when we were abroad they died. I know, now you are thinking I am careless...right.  Later I had 3 rabbits-- one thing if you own rabbits please take care of them more than you take care of yourself because they are really naive and can die easily. 

So, I always had have 2 or 3 birds at a time, never really had cats but almost all my cousins have. At the moment I have a bird named Meoco who lost her partner Titang, I know, that's a little rude that he flew away! 

I had helped up to 6 dogs by shifting them to dog associations. Of the 2 dogs were little baby puppies I shifted them to dog association because I discovered their parents were dead and it is so cold outside these days and they still don’t have that ability to protect themselves.  And the other four dogs were injured. 


Why do you hurt these innocent animals? Any answer? No, right!  Remember. Karma is there. mind it. No words for you, poor hearts.


So my dad, my mom and I decided to start an honest association for animals --well, our association name would be FRIENDS TO ANIMALS AND NATURE [FAN]. Anybody can join us! We need you all to be with us so that we can actually make this world a better place!  Don’t we all want that? By ‘all’ I meant the good-hearted and sensible people. Yes, it might be one of you who are reading this!  

By the way, you know, whenever I take Zimba out for a random walk or maybe some outing fun all the other stray dogs get jealous. Interestingly some comes to me thinking I would adore them just the way I do to Zimba. I wish I could take all of them with me home (their home) but …. I just wish you know! 


Anywhere, literally anywhere I see a dog I run to them, give them food, adore them, sit with and have fun. Some people say: I should not always touch dogs. Giving food is okay but they might have germs so we should not always touch them. 

But I have a  solution for this matter as well, you animal lovers out there. Zimba and I have a lot-- I mean a lot of dog friends. I wanna adore cats too but they kinda run away as they are scared we might harm them. I understand their feelings. They should run away either or attack because humans are the evilest creatures. 

Oh coming to cats, I saw a little kitten two days before.  It was with a man  but if anyone of you wants it permanently then please contact us. It would be really helpful and we would be grateful. 


All animals have important roles in the ecosystem. It seems an ecological balance between all animals and nature. Animals and plants contribute so much to us. It will be tough to imagine life without them. They serve humans for food, clothing, medicine, and even for economic needs. imagine! We should start saving out the endangered species. A well-balanced ecosystem purifies the environment, giving us clean air to breathe, a healthy water system to support diverse marine life, and arable land for agricultural production. 

Don’t we want that?  Yes of course so for that being an animal shelter volunteer is good for your emotional, physical, and mental health. Think about how happy god will be if you are doing such great jobs! It is scientifically proven that spending time with animals will lower your stress level and blood pressure. 

Animals are creatures that bring so much happiness every single day. Animals make people more compassionate, positive who are happier in general. Animals help you guys being more loving because of the compassion animals give to us. Animals deserve so much kindness. they cannot explain us in our words but in their way they do and personally I know dogs are very intelligent, cause if you train them once they start to understand everything as you do and even if a dog isn’t trained they still; they still do at least try to understand a lot of things.

For example, let me tell you two co-operative reactions of Zimba to certain actions:

1] one day I was actually crying for a certain reason, I was sad the whole day and Zimba kinda got it somehow, after a few minutes I saw that Zimba's eyes were like watery and she was actually crying. I tried to stop her later but she didn't, droplets of water were continuously flowing from her eyes. She didn't even take any food until I did. Later my dad told me animals [dogs] always behave the way their masters do. For instance, if you are in a playful mood she or he would be too, just like that if you are sick she is going to lay beside you all day and if you sad or crying she would react in the same way or try to console you by cheering you up and if you being mischievous they would be too, yeah Zimba and I both are very mischievous! 

2] There style of welcoming! DAMN! Well if I tell you actually you won't really believe it until you see it practically and yeah, of course, their sense of smell, wow, Zimba gives us signs by barking or by not letting us not open the door if it's a bad person and if it's a good person then trust me she will never let them go and will just keep licking.  Well, I get jealous when she gives so much love to other people, she does literally to everybody. She is a very friendly play dog.

About our association, I want to actually vaccinate almost all the stray animals I know personally or maybe the ones I don't know as well. We will be able to own property and other possessions are able to sue in our own capacity. The main objective is to prevent cruelty and ill-treatment of animals by promoting their good treatment. We will educate the community regarding humane treatment and compassion for animals. We will try our level best to encourage kindness and consideration towards animals and to maintain and protect animal and birdlife in their natural habitats. 


For our constitution, we value nature so much because our rivers, oceans, soil, forests provide us the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we moisten our crops with. We also rely on them for plentiful goods and services we hinge on them for our health, happiness, and prosperity. I always had plants, everybody in my family did and does. They can hear us, feel us when I sing to them they nod their leaves and listens to me no matter how bad I sing [not really I sing well]. So if you own plants, talk to them even you will feel good so will your pet plant.                                                                 

BE GOOD AND DO GOOD (you will automatically feel good)
If you can't even do something great because you are useless we totally get it. At least, don't make things worse and also keep in mind before humans, animals, and plants even insects are more important. Without them we are nothing, this planet is nothing! And if you were bad and cruel in your life you still have a chance to prove god that you want to change and be a better 'you'. GO HELP ANIMALS, INSECTS, PEOPLE WHO ARE HELPLESS. DO SOMETHING GREAT AND GREATER. God will love you and even give you the good things you want in life. 

My ZiMba guys


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