Human Trafficking: a Curse for the 3rd World Nation

Man is the most precious resource on earth. The man himself, on the contrary, is a burden. Usually, the guy is liable for this opposing role. People are moving from one continent to another in pursuit of life and livelihood. In order to satisfy the desires of life, to alleviate unemployment, to support the family, many people fall into the trap of human traffickers.

Everyone is dreaming of a better future. Nevertheless, those who dream of secretly traveling abroad have serious repercussions. Their path starts with the hand of a broker looking for a better future. Basically, when they leave the house, they hand over their control to the broker. Their destination to live may be a developed country. They are sold from one hand to the other, from one cycle to another cycle of traffickers. With them, someone may arrive at his destination with the help of a large sum of money; someone floats in the middle of the sea and someone’s address in jail. Libya is a transit point for European traffickers. 

According to the European Union, between December 2016 and May 2019, 17000 migrants entered Europe illegally by sea. Discussions on human trafficking and traffickers intensified after 26 Bangladeshis were brutally killed in Libya. It can be seen that their network is active in the country and abroad. The cycle of human trafficking is spreading in different districts of the country. Who wants to become an illegal immigrant outside the country?

With the dream of a developed country, the unfortunate young men are tempted to go to different countries of Europe mainly through brokers. Primarily, they are told that once they cross over to these countries, life will be successful. They are so disgusted with the life they lead in the country or they hope for a development life that they never think about taking risks in an illegal way. Human traffickers are continuing their illegal business by capitalizing on the faith of these unfortunate young. Many aspiring illegal immigrants died in the sea of hunger and thirst in the hope of an uncertain life while those brokers and their bosses leads a luxurious life. 

Many illegal migrant’s dreams have died. Yet this game of death is going on. The brokers persuaded them to go abroad through various temptations. Naturally, those who want to migrate abroad illegally are unemployed or miserable unemployed and neglected youth of society. Young people from many countries in Asia and Africa migrate to the country illegally in search of work. At one point, most of them are tempted to go to any European country illegally. There is a huge network of human traffickers from Asia and Africa crossing the Mediterranean through Libya. This cycle is so big and powerful that after a large number of Bangladeshis drowned and gone die, the tendency of going abroad illegally did not stop.

The government has been issuing warning notices at several times to stop human trafficking. Greed is also responsible for the case. Even then he has to give his life in the clutches of the broker. The person with the family is being humiliated. These illegal immigrants are putting their families in danger by thinking about the welfare of their families. Because at one stage of the trafficking, they were taken as a hostage and a large amount of money was demanded from the family members. That money is also paid to save the life of the loved one. 

Then the fortunate returns and the unfortunates never come back. Illegal human trafficking is a major problem in third world countries. The reason is basically the same. Adequacy of employment in the country is a big factor. This plays a role in creating poverty. Due to its geographical location, Bangladesh has become one of the centers of human trafficking. Illegal human trafficking is a problem when we dream of becoming a developed country.

The strictness of the law can play an important role in this. But law enforcement alone is not enough. Those who are aspiring to illegal immigration or those who can easily be influenced by the brokerage cycle are financially poor. They defeated in the battle of life and livelihood. The brokers dream of the people who have lost these life battles. If the country can show them that dream, they will not interested in migrating abroad illegally. Apart from this, various activities have to be undertaken to increase social awareness. 

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