Health DG's Comments Are 'Irresponsible': Quader

The leader of the Awami League, Obaidul Quader, has scolded the chief of the Health Services Directorate for his "short-sighted and irresponsible" statements on the likely duration of the coronavirus epidemic.

It came after Director General Abul Kalam Azad suggested that the coronavirus crisis could continue for another 'two to three years.'

Addressing Azad 's comments on Friday, Road Transport Minister Quader said: "When the Prime Minister and the Government are struggling day and night to keep people's minds up, such short-sighted and irresponsible statements about the duration of the coronavirus epidemic by some health officials can create despair among the public."

Azad 's remarks come at a time when Bangladesh is dealing with increasing COVID-19 cases and deaths. The number of cases crossed the gloomy 100 000 mark in just over three months after the first patient was detected by the authorities on March 8. Half of the cases have been reported by the government in the past 16 days.

DG Azad appeared in the daily COVID-19 bulletin on Thursday for the first time since his recent recovery from respiratory diseases caused by the virus.

"The coronavirus situation does not end in two to three months," he said, adding that his assumption is based on the experience of different countries and opinions of public health experts.

“It will last for at least two to three more years, though the level of infection may not remain high,” he added. 


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