Quader Calls for Bringing Back Patients’ Confidence in Hospitals

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader called on the authorities concerned to restore patient confidence in hospitals maintaining a stable atmosphere amid the current coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

"Due to different causes, a lack of confidence has emerged between patients and hospitals. I would like to hope that you rebuild people's faith in hospitals and build a comfortable atmosphere when patients randomly come to hospitals, "he said seeking the active position of the authorities concerned to this end.

Quader, also Awami League General Secretary, was addressing an online regular press conference on contemporary issues from his official residence on the premises of Parliament.

Referring to media reports that hospital administrators intend to shut down the facilities owing to the lack of patients, the Minister said at this point of viral infections, the number of patients is not low, there are general patients too, so, in such conditions, there is no way to hold the hospitals shut down.

Experts also warned that if the risk of infection can not be regulated now, it will hit a higher point, such that public gathering must be prevented during the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest religious festivals of the Muslims, which marks the sacrificing of animals.

The road transport minister said though the government decided to keep on vehicular operation during the festival, everyone must remain alert to keep themselves safe from being infected by the deadly virus maintaining health guidelines strictly during the Eid journey.

“We must maintain all-out social distancing rules at cattle markets, lunch-bus terminals, railway stations, ferry ghats and other areas during Eid journey and wearing facemasks is a must,” he said.

Quader urged people to be cautious so that their path to make a livelihood and protect their futures will not contribute and life in risk.

Pointing to BNP, the AL General Secretary stated from the outset that a quarter has capitalized on the propagation of anti-government hate speech as their slogan to fulfill their duties against the country and its people.

Rather of adding their commitment to the government's continuing anti-corruption and anti-irregular activities, they are harshly dismissive of the government's behavior, he said.

Ruling out BNP's accusation of patronizing violations, Quader said corruption had an systemic structure, rendering the soil a safe place for corrupts under the BNP system.

“Could you take such a bold step similar to that of now? Could you do anything beyond party circumference? Couldn’t you,” he said.

Making joke over the ongoing government’s move against irregularities and corruption actually is suitable for those who staged ‘Joj Miah’ drama during the trial in August 21 grenade attack cases, he added.

“It is natural that those who stage drama will find drama in everything,” he said.

The Minister said that the new AL administration, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has implemented a zero-tolerance anti-corruption stance and has taken action against all wrongdoers regardless of party affiliation, but no other administration has done so in the past.

“The government of Sheikh Hasina is very strict against corruption. Nobody is beyond accountability. The government will not spare any wrongdoings as corrupts has no party identity,” he said.

Due to the theft and forgery of certain people, Quader said, the dreams and expectations of the masses can not be left hostage. "The people 's vision and their desperate attempts to create a stable country can not move in the right direction," he added.


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