I Love…love you

Image: Collected

Image: Collected

It seems that all my words have been uttered!

But no one has heard, not even you.

If I ever meet you again

On a rainy evening-

Or in the dead light of twilight-of a dejected evening!

I can say it without any circumlocution

I Love-love you...!

Still my days stand still

            Waiting for you;

Like the old days, when Fagun had no color -

When the sky wasn’t furnished with the evening stars,

When the musky-fragrance of your hair

Didn’t touch me.

Now my each day grows longer and longer,

Getting lost in the darkness of every night

I probably hear the sound of your breathing,

Getting startled and burying my face in your long-hair

I hug you in the dream.

I keep listening to the wind

I love-love you...

(Fagun–Falgun, the 11 th Month in Bangla Calendar)

* The poem was written by Nasir Ahmed Kabul

The poem was translated by Ashraful Kabir is a poet, essayist, literary critic, and professional banker based in Rampura, Dhaka Bangladesh.

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