Taslima Nasrin Goes Under Hip Replacement Surgery

Taslima Nasrin || Photo: Collected

Taslima Nasrin || Photo: Collected

Controversial writer of Bangladesh Taslima Nasrin is always at the center of discussion at various times. However, this writer was ill for some time. But Taslima Nasrin herself made a terrible complaint that it was that illness that crippled her. In fact, her complaint is aimed at the treatment system of private hospitals.

Incidentally, Taslima Nasrin said that she fell at home and injured her knee. She herself administered first aid to relieve the pain. But the pain in her knee did not subside. Then she went to the hospital and found out that the femur of her leg was broken. Taslima Nasrin then said that the doctor gave her two options. One is internal fixation and the other is hip replacement. Taslima Nasreen said that she went towards fixation. But her doctor talked about hip replacement.

Taslima claims that she underwent hip replacement surgery almost by force and ended up being given the life of a crippled person. She raised questions about treatment in private hospitals. Taslima Nasreen brought up the whole issue on social media. And naturally many of Taslima Nasreen's fans are very worried about this news.

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