COVID-19: Hasina's Efforts Lauded in Forbes Article

Forbes, an American business magazine, highlighted eight women, world leaders, including Prime Minister Sheik Hasina, who "deserves to be recognized for their attempts to tackle the problems of COVID-19 and reshape the future.

Bangladesh, a nation of some 161 million people, headed by Sheik Hasina, is no stranger and crises," reported the magazine.

She was quick off her feet standing up to this one, with a response the World Economic Forum called “admirable”. 

Sheik Hasina, the country's longest-serving prime minister, started evacuating Bangladeshi citizens from China in early February.

Since the first case was identified at the beginning of March, she closed educational institutions and urged all non-essential businesses to move online.

Then she harnessed tech, installing screening devices across international airports which screened some 650,000 people (of which 37,000 were immediately quarantined), something the UK still is not doing, the article reads

Both Singapore, under President Halima Yacob and Hong Kong, and China, under Chief Executive Officer Carrie Lam, have been praised internationally for their early and highly successful leadership in staying ahead of the crisis, he said.

Now Singapore is grappling with a second wave whiplash, though Lam has performed well with the nipping of the bud.

Different cultures and issues in every country mean responses will never be one-size-fits-all.

Women now govern 18 countries and 545 million people globally.

That's 7% of the world's population (exactly the same number, by the way, of women CEOs on the Fortune 500.)

From Bangladesh and Ethiopia to Georgia and Singapore, woman are rising into global political leadership. So this shocking situation is showing their talents.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of 20-first, a global gender-balance consultancy, wrote the article.

Source: UNB

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