Treat Migrant Workers with Dignity, Says Hasina

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on everyone involved in the labour migration process to play a responsible role in sending workers abroad.

The Prime Minister made a call at the opening ceremony of the International Migrants Day 2020 event via a video conference from Ganabhaban on Wednesday.

"I would request those involved with the migration of workers, from recruiting agents to ministry officials in particular, [to remember] the people of this country are human beings. They should be treated with dignity. They should not have to face any problem."

"Everyone needs to take care of the safety of those who want to go abroad, whether or not their job is successful, particularly the safety of our girls who go abroad. That's why I would like to ask all the organizations that work with the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare or send workers abroad in this case—you have to play a responsible role because you are responsible.''

Many people seek to go abroad, holding the belief that they can earn good money, but they end up being exploited by recruiting agents, according to Hasina.

But the Awami League chief moved to allay the concerns of migrant workers and said, "I would tell you (migrant workers) that you will not be a victim of such a situation. Do not fall into the clutches of brokers. There is an opportunity to register with the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare through the digital centres we have set up all over Bangladesh. And these registered people are sent wherever there are job opportunities. So you have to be patient."

"But if you are persuaded to go abroad by others and then end up in trouble, that will be very difficult and damaging for you and your family. You know how many lives were in Libya. The people of my country should not be the victims of such a situation.”

He said, “Now there is no shortage of work in our country, there is no shortage of food by the grace of God. So please don't run after the golden deer blindly anymore. We want you to register and go through it. ”

Hasina added, "There is no shortage of work in the country right now so please don't go running blindly after a golden goose anymore." advising those who are looking for opportunities abroad to go through the government's registration process.

She also highlighted the government's different measures to ensure the overall welfare of expatriate workers.


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