Govt Directives on Wearing Masks for Health Safety

The government has issued several directives on wearing face masks out of home for health protection amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The instructions were given in a statement on Thursday saying it is best to use a multi-layered surgical mask, which should be used once.

It also said that many people cover their faces with their noses open when wearing masks, which is not correct.

Instead, the upper part of the metal of face masks should be curved by being pressed with the nose and the lower part should be covered with both sides under the chin.

The mask should be worn covering the entire face.

Surgical masks should not be used for long time at home.

A mask must be used for a maximum one day.

Masks must be worn in places where it is difficult to maintain social distance, such as public transport and markets or shops.

Besides, social distancing should be maintained and hands should be kept sanitized.

Cloth masks must be cleaned after use, the statement said, adding that wearing an unclean mask is more likely to contact the disease.

The World Health Organization has recommended disinfecting ‘Used Masks’.

The mask should be soaked in soapy water, washed, dried in the sun and disinfected.

Wet masks should not be worn as it increases the risk of infection.

When one goes out, he or she needs to keep two masks in a bag.

If the face mask is damaged or wet for any reason, another one should be used, the statement said.


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