Flood Situation: 5 Lakh Residents Of Sunamganj In Badly Need Of Aid

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The Sadar, Bishwambharpur, Shantiganj, Jagannathpur, Dowarabazar, Chhatak, and Tahirpur upazilas, particularly the low-lying haor and riverbank areas, are severely affected. At least 500,000 people are suffering due to the prolonged flooding. Stagnant floodwaters have led to severe waterlogging, forcing many to live in subhuman conditions. Women, children, and the elderly are particularly hard hit, with homes and roads submerged. 

Livestock and poultry have also been affected, causing further distress among the flood victims.

Health concerns are escalating as waterborne and skin diseases spread in the flood-affected areas due to stagnant, contaminated water. Low-income individuals are unable to work, leaving families struggling to survive with little to no income. 

Those who have taken refuge in shelters are also suffering from food and clean water shortages. Despite promises of aid from the local administration, many flood victims claim they have not received any assistance. 

Affected families are urging the government to assess the damages and provide rehabilitation support.

The Water Development Board has indicated that continued rainfall upstream will keep the flood situation in Sunamganj’s riverbank and haor areas unchanged for some time. 

If the rainfall ceases, water levels will gradually recede, normalizing the situation.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury assured that relief efforts are ongoing. “There is no shortage of relief supplies. We are distributing aid as needed. Once the water recedes, we will compile a list of damages,” he said._UNB

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