US Election 2020: How Much Will Conspiracy Theory Affect the November Presidential Election?

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The big issues in the US presidential election campaign are of course the coronavirus epidemic, the Supreme Court and the reform of the police system. But beyond that, millions of Americans are talking about something more bizarre and bizarre.

The matter is spreading through social media like Instagram.

This is a conspiracy theory - called Qiannon.

The bottom line is this: President Donald Trump is waging a secret war. The war is against some of the people lurking in the world of the US government, business and the media.

These people belong to the elite class - they are devil worshipers and pedophiles, that is, childish.

This is the original story, but it has many branches, and new stories are constantly being added to it.

Thousands of people believe in these bizarre stories.

They think that one day some famous people like Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed on these charges.

What is the new addition?

Jade Flury, 24, of Houston. Recently, he had an SMS conversation with his friends about the fact that the elites of the Democratic Party are running a cycle of child trafficking.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been charged with child abuse.

Jade tried to counter these false claims, but could not.

These are spreading like wildfire among President Trump's devoted supporters.

Tom Long lives in Florida, 1,000 miles from Houston.

He doesn't use Instagram, but his Facebook feed is now being swayed by these conspiracy theories.

Trump is the only 'protector'

Various posts claim that only Donald Trump can save America from those child traffickers.

"It's a complete lie, but it's spreading," said Long.

Needless to say, this is not to say that baseless conspiracy theories are not spreading among Trump's opponents.

A group of Joe Biden supporters recently spread rumors that Mr. The news that Trump's coronavirus is positive is actually fake.

These bizarre theories are reaching the mainstream

Qiannon is the most popular of the conspiracy theories. According to a BBC study, there have been more than 100 million comments, shares and likes.

The number of likes, comments and shares of the largest Qianonon group on Facebook is 44 million.

By comparison, the response to the global response movement, such as the Black Lives Matter, has been about two-thirds.

Social media companies initially tried to block it, but supporters, using various hashtags, spread it among ordinary users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Of course, Quennon's staunch supporters are still a marginal group.

A study by the Pew Research Center in September found that half of Americans did not hear their names. But even so, it has already reached millions of people.

The fertile field of conspiracy theory has created human anxiety

Experts say the coronavirus infection has created a fertile ground for spreading these theories amid uncertainty and anxiety in the human mind.

Whitney Phillips, a professor at Syracuse University, says very few Americans believe that Satan-worshiping elites are in a cycle of child abuse - but other rumors of Qianan are gaining ground.

Qiananer's slogan: Wherever one of us is going, we will all go

"One of them is the Deep State - another government hidden within the government - that is trying to humiliate Trump. Quinnon did not create the idea, but it played a big role in spreading it," he said.

Generation Q?

As Jade Flurry went to talk to his friends, some of them now think the Democrats are an evil force, and Trump is a savior.

He is concerned that this may affect their voting decision.

Whitney Phillips thinks the real danger of quenching is that it is paving the way for a rejection of democracy.

Social media including Facebook has become active in this regard.

They are banning various hashtags, accounts or posts, imposing restrictions. But even after that, conspiracy theorists have been seen coming back in various ways through social media.

However, Facebook has now banned all Qiannan accounts, pages and groups.

However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Tom Long, of course, thinks the damage is done. The country in which he grew up - that country now seems unfamiliar to him.

Source: BBC Bangla


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