Coronavirus: How to Control the Grisly South African Variant!

Health experts have expressed concerns over the emergence of the South African coronavirus variant in Bangladesh as it is more deadly and transmittable.

They also said that it could lead to a disaster if necessary precautions are not being taken right now,

Public health expert Lelin Chowdhury said, "Since this new strain is spreading fast, the number of infections will increase in the coming days and the number of deaths will also increase if no action is taken now."

The International Diarrhea Research Institute (ICDDR'B) said in a report on its website on Wednesday that 81% of the coronavirus species identified in Bangladesh are now South African variants.

And the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is not quite effective in preventing this variant.

In this case, experts have suggested bringing another alternative vaccine to Bangladesh.

However, according to the Department of Health, the UK is now focusing on completing the full dose of the British-made Oxford Astragene vaccine.

It is learned that other vaccines are also being sought.

Like all viruses, the coronavirus is constantly changing its type.

This tiny genetic modification means the virus makes new copies that can spread more quickly and rapidly. This is a big threat to public health.

Although thousands of variants of the virus have already been created, the UK variant, the South African variant and the Brazilian variant have spread the most around the world.

The South African variant has become the strongest in Bangladesh since the third week of March this year.

As of the fourth week of March, 81 percent of the coronavirus species identified in the country are South African variants. Such information has been known in the report of ICDDR'B.

Experts are quite concerned about this. Because this variant is highly contagious, that is, it spreads faster than before. The higher the severity of the disease, the higher the mortality rate.

For this reason, if the infection of this virus cannot be prevented quickly, the number of patients infected with coronavirus in Bangladesh will continue to increase. At the same time, the number of deaths will increase exponentially, said public health expert Lelin Chowdhury.

This type is known to be riskier in older and already ill patients.

There are concerns that the vaccine may not be effective enough as the new strain spreads easily and quickly.

In this regard, Lelin Chowdhury said, "The coronavirus vaccine being given in Bangladesh to prevent coronavirus is partially effective in preventing the South African variant, not completely."

As a result, he said, the Bangladesh government's initiative to make people resistant to coronavirus by vaccinating them would suffer, putting Bangladesh at risk.

On the other hand, if someone has been infected with coronavirus before, the natural immunity that builds up in their body does not work in the South African type, said Benazir Ahmed, a public health expert.

"In addition, the immune system that develops after the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine may be able to cope with the new type," he said.

This means that despite receiving the full dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, this new type of vaccine can be given to South African vaccinators.

In a word, calling this type of South Africa deadly, Mr. described it as a "thunder signal" for Bangladesh. Ahmed.

However, Nasima Sultana, additional director general of the health department, said they were focusing on completing the full dose of the vaccine now available in Bangladesh.

He said that even if the coronavirus is vaccinated, the hygiene rules will be followed.

Nasima Sultana said: "Virus or vaccine issues are still being studied. No other vaccine can guarantee 100% effectiveness. The same is true of the Oxford Astragene vaccine. In that case, there is no alternative to hygiene. We will try to control the vaccine we have now."

Public health experts have focused more on prevention than on the cure for this new variant of coronavirus.

They say there is no way to control the situation without a three-week ban on human movement or a strict lockdown.

Strict adherence to hygiene means wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance of three feet, washing hands frequently with soapy water is the most effective way to avoid this horrible variant.

In addition, the genetic sequence of the identified virus in Bangladesh, the South African variant of  vaccine strategy needs to be re-confirmed, public health experts said.

Vaccines that are currently proven to be more effective against these types are recommended to be collected.

Scientists are working on the development of the Oxford Astrageneca tick, according to the virus.

In this case, the blood samples of the vaccinated people are tested to find out how effective the Pfizer vaccine works in the United States.

There the vaccine is found to be somewhat less effective in preventing the virus.

Modern vaccines have done more than that.

However, the resistance may not be so strong or long-lasting.

However, the two new vaccines, NovaVax and Janssen, are expected to be more effective in preventing the South African type.

Basically, the protein structure of the spikes on all four sides of the virus has changed. The virus enters human cells through its spikes.

Vaccines are usually made based on the structure of these spikes. That's why experts are very concerned about this particular change in Spike.

Experts say there have been two types of mutations in South Africa.

One of these mutations is more contagious and spreads faster than ever before.

Another mutation confuses the human immune system. As a result, despite being vaccinated, it may not work in this type of case.

The virus has already spread to the eastern and western provinces of South Africa.

The virus has also been reported in several countries, including Britain, Austria, Norway and Japan.

Source: BBC Bangla


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