Lovely Samsunnahar on Finding Success As a Woman Entrepreneur

 Lovely Samsunnahar || Photo: Facebook

Lovely Samsunnahar || Photo: Facebook

"At first I didn't think I would be an entrepreneur, I thought I would get a job, but I wasn't able to find any good job, though I tried in a few places. Then got married, become a mom, responsibility to raise the child; it seemed that my dream of a career appears to be completely destroyed."

That was the beginning of the story, said entrepreneur Lovely Samsunnahar. Although she was upset at first, she revived her interest in writing and fashion design with her father's inspiration. In addition to being the quarterly editor of 'Bosontodin', she has set up a fashion brand called 'Nilambori'.

Lovely said, "Apart from writing, I used to design sari and three-piece and exhibit those items once a year. I have had exhibitions at the Fine Arts Gallery, including Drik Gallery. The collage images, saris, and three-pieces designed by me got special appreciation there."

Lovely has been working in Fashion Design since she was a student at Dhaka University. The clothes she designed were in high demand at the stores of MIDAS (Micro Industries Development Assistance and Services) at the time.

After the marriage, the work of fashion design was stopped for some time, but when the children grew up, Lovely started selling her own design clothes again through her online page Nilambori.

Lovely is not only busy with writing and fashion design. She finished her Diploma in Photography. Numerous of her paintings have been exhibited at large exhibitions at home and abroad.

Her advice to new entrepreneurs is to work hard to unify their dreams with realities. She said, "Self-honesty is the key to productivity for entrepreneurs. Also, networking is very important to being a successful entrepreneur. You have to keep yourself updated all the time. Above all, you have to work hard to meet your goal, to move forward. There is no alternative or shortcut."

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