The Holy Hajj

Pilgrims at the Historic Arafat Square

Image: Collected

Image: Collected

The historic Mount Arafat will resound with the sound of 'Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik' Today (July 8). Pilgrims in seamless white cloth will be engaged in worship here all day long. The main sermon of Hajj will be given here.

The day of Hajj is basically the 9th of Jilhaj, the local time in Saudi Arabia. The name of this day is Yaomul Arafa. Earlier, on Thursday (July 8), the pilgrims performed worship in the Mina desert all day long. Everyone is supposed to reach Arafat Maidan before sunrise today.

Fourteen and a half years ago, the last and greatest prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) gave a historic farewell speech while standing on the ground of Arafat. After this speech was addressed to millions of people, there was a proclamation from Allah for the perfection of the religion.

Even today, speeches are given to maintain that continuity. The overall situation of the whole world is highlighted in the speech. On this day, the pilgrims used to cry in an emotional atmosphere, sacrificing their lives for the sake of Allah Almighty. Prays for forgiveness for the sins committed; He prayed to Allah for the happiness and peace of his family, society, and state.

Hajj khutba (speech) will be given from Namira in the mosque today, Friday afternoon. Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al Isawill give Hajj sermon. Sheikh al-Isa is a Saudi politician and former justice minister.  

The pilgrims will go to Muzdalifah in the evening after staying in Arafa all day. There he will perform Maghrib and Esha prayers together. After staying overnight under the open sky in Muzdalifah, prepare to throw stones at Satan's pillars.

Tomorrow, after the Fajr prayers on Saturday (July 9), they will return to Mina to throw stones at the big Jamara (symbolic big devil). At the end of throwing stones, he will sacrifice the animal and shave his head.

Due to the Corona epidemic, no one has been able to take part in the Hajj outside Saudi Arabia for the past two years. As the situation in Corona is somewhat under control, Saudi Arabia is now offering limited Hajj opportunities. This year, 1 million Muslims from different countries are getting the opportunity to perform Hajj. About 60,000 pilgrims from Bangladesh have been fortunate enough to perform Hajj.

This time many people have joined the Hajj without masks as there are no restrictions. However, not everyone has been fully vaccinated.

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