Trevor Noah Hilariously Roasts British Racists As Rishi Sunak Becomes PM

Comedian Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show,' program || Collected

Comedian Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show,' program || Collected

In a recent episode of 'The Daily Show,' Comedian Trevor Noah responded hilariously to British racists who have taken offense to Rishi Sunak, non-white and of Indian origin, becoming the prime minister of the United Kingdom

Right in the beginning, Noah pointed out that Rishi Sunak was just 42 and would probably "serve well into his 42-and-a-halves".

"Let's not forget another important first. He is also the first prime minister who is an absolute snack," Noah said. Noah then went to compare Sunak's looks to his predecessor, Borris Johnson.

While Indians across the world have been celebrating Sunak's appointment as the PM, Noah pointed out not everyone in Britain was happy with the new development. The comedian then played a clip of a caller complaining during a live radio show about how Sunak's appointment was not good for Britain. 
"Can you imagine me becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan? People of England would like to see someone who looks like them," the caller said.
Noah took a sarcastic jab at the caller and said, "This is a good point. Can you imagine white English people trying to rule countries where no one looks like them!"
The talk show host pointed out how British people are looking at it the wrong way and that Sunak becoming PM is a rather good thing.

"This could be a good thing for you people. After 400 years, you finally get to legitimately blame a brown person for your country's problems. You're living the dream!" Noah said. 

Noah also then made fun of how certain racist Brits voted for Brexit, "specifically to keep Britain white, and that vote started a 7-year chain of dominos that is now led directly to an Indian Prime Minister." 
Watch the hilarious video here: 

On Monday, Rishi Sunak became the first Asian Brit to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Sunak is of Indian-origin whose grandparents migrated to Africa from Punjab, a northern state in India._Agencies

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