Robi Unveils Innovative Digital Distribution Network

Robi has recently unveiled an innovative digital distribution network model for its retailers, distributors, and customers. The digital solution brings these important stakeholders of the company to a digital platform which enables them to conduct their business with Robi digitally.

Close to seven lakhs Robi and Airtel retailers around the country will now be able to purchase load balance from Robi through an app. So even if a retailer is difficult to reach for Robi’s sales forces, they would themselves be able to conduct their business with Robi using an app. This will also allow retailers to serve customers better due to the digitalization of the process.

Distributors will also be able to use similar features from the solution. In addition, distributors and retailers will have access to financing support from the Banks on an emergency fast track basis. Nagad the leading mobile financial service providers, as a partner of this initiative is providing the payment gateway related support. bKash is going to be on-boarded as well shortly. Mutual Trust Bank is going to join hands with Robi for Retailer financing. City bank and IPDC have already partnered with Robi to provide the financing for distributors.

Customers on the other hand are now able to use this solution to digitally purchase SIMs and other services from Robi. Robi's Chief Commercial Officer, Shihab Ahmad shared these details at a webinar held on Sunday, 11th October 2020.

Speaking on the occasion, Nagad’s Managing Director, Tanvir A. Mishuk highlighted that Robi’s digital distribution network will make the lives of the retailers a lot easier. Besides, he pointed out that the Banks need to come forward with an improvised lending scheme so that they can also get access to crucial financial support to grow their business.

Mutual Trust Bank’s Managing Director and CEO, Syed Mahbubur Rahman said: "We realize that the conventional Banking will have to evolve soon to remain relevant for the changing demands of the customers. We must collaborate with the FinTechs rather than thinking of them as our rivals. Robi’s initiative to digitalize its distribution network has created the scope for us to reach out to the vast segment of the unbanked population.''

Robi's Managing Director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said: ''Robi is now working to bring new experiences in the lives of people of the country with the help of digital innovation. Robi's Digital Distribution network in this context is a ground-breaking solution that is going to change the face of the distribution network forever in the country. This is just the beginning, going forward, we look forward to applying data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and alternative credit rating solutions to further enhance the efficiency of our digital distribution model.''

Chief Guest of the program, Hon'ble Posts and Telecommunications Minister, Mustafa Jabbar said: ''I thank Robi for always being the first to introduce innovative solutions to the market. Be it 5G trial run, VoLTE introduction, Robi was always the first to come forward. I am very happy to see that they are maintaining this trend with the digital distribution solution. As part of Digital Bangladesh vision, we now need to quickly expand connectivity and shift to a cashless society. Our tremendous achievement during the corona pandemic will remain an inspiration for us to move forward with our vision.''

Robi’s Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer, Shahed Alam moderated the webinar. In his concluding remarks, he likened this initiative to taking Digital Bangladesh to the grass-roots level. 


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