'Glow & Lovely' Onboards Sabila Nur As New Brand Ambassador

Popular Bangladeshi actress Sabila Nur signed as the new brand Ambassador of country’s biggest and most iconic skin care brand- ‘Glow & Lovely’. The deal was confirmed recently through a contract signing ceremony in the capital.

From now onwards, Bangladeshi actress Sabila Nur will be featured in all of ‘Glow & Lovely’s new communications and ad campaigns in Bangladesh. To embrace a more inclusive vision of beauty, last year, the word ‘Fair’ was dropped from Unilever’s flagship brand ‘Fair & Lovely’ and rebranded as ‘Glow & Lovely’. ‘Glow & Lovely’ celebrates the greater diversity of beauty and encourages women to overcome obstacles and urges others to not let anything stop them from pursuing their dreams. 

Sabila Nur is one of them, of whom ‘Glow & Lovely’ talks about. She is also one of the celebrities, currently who are at the peak of fame and popularity. Over a decade, Sabila gifted us many prominent characters in her acting career. She is representing every confident women in Bangladesh, with her spontaneous acting quality. She already has won millions of people’s heart, with her confidence. Thousands of women in Bangladesh are getting inspiration by the ‘Glow’ of her success. And this is why, ‘Glow & Lovely’ has chosen Sabila Nur as the new face of the iconic brand.

Reiterating its commitment to a more inclusive vision of beauty, Afzal Hasan Khan, the Marketing Director, Beauty and Personal Care of Unilever Bangladesh, said- "As a global skin care brand, we are redefining the ideals of beauty and celebrating glowing skin, regardless of skin tone. Glow & Lovely aims to boost confidence to really ‘glow’ and be one’s best self. Our vision is to be inclusive and provide care for all skin tones and we are relentlessly endorsing creation of women’s own identity and talking about how women are successfully overcoming new challenges and progressing in their own capacities.''

“Now more than ever, women are reaching new heights beyond societal expectation and becoming the change-makers of today and tomorrow. The iconic skin care brand has taken Sabila Nur onboard as the new face for ‘Glow & Lovely’. We aspire that she will do wonders, as the new brand ambassador, in inspiring women to pursue their own journey of crating self-identity. Sabila will also be supporting our Brand’s purpose led initiative – Glow & Lovely Careers which helps equip girls in Bangladesh to have an identity of their own.”-he added. 

Mirroring Glow & Lovely’s purpose in encouraging women to create their own identity, Sabila Nur, the new brand ambassador, said- “I am highly honored and delighted to be part of Glow & Lovely, the biggest and most iconic skin care brand of Bangladesh. This is one brand that celebrates every woman’s inner glow and encourages women to be confident in their own skin. I am very happy and proud to be the face of such an iconic brand that is acting as bellwether for women’s progressive changes and conveys a more overt message of women’s empowerment.”


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