Ways to Make Money From Home

A representational image. || Photo: Collected

A representational image. || Photo: Collected

Weeklong strict restrictions are in place across the country due to the increasing rate of coronavirus infections. This has threatened various businesses. Economists say the unemployment rate will rise if the restriction or lockdown continues. No one can say for sure when the situation will be normal.

However, you can earn money at home during this time of coronavirus pandemic. Let's find out how to make money sitting at home:

Online marketing

Do you like to browse social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) most of the time? So why aren't you using these platforms to make extra money? You can promote a product (produced by another company) online using any social media platform, where you can communicate with others or get followers. If a follower buys a product from an ad through your posted link then you can easily earn a commission from there.

Affiliate marketing is a popular source of income online. Due to the lucrative affiliate commission structure offered by various organizations, many are now taking it as a full-time profession. If you have good writing and video creation skills with some SEO knowledge then you can earn from affiliate marketing through blog or YouTube.

Online graphic design work

If you are good at managing simple graphic software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator as well as being a graphic designer then you can get a job online and earn good money. Various international platforms employ graphic designers for various projects, big and small, such as logo design, business card design, banner design, brochure design, etc.

Online teaching and tutoring

Teach online and make your life beautiful. You can create tutorials based on your skills and promote your social media profile in places like LinkedIn. You can start with a nominal fee or some free elementary courses. Then provide some better courses if you get responses from the audience.

Writing online: If you have a natural passion for writing, you can work as a freelance writer on various local and online platforms. Whether you are an apprentice writer or a specialist researcher, you can also find freelance jobs such as translation work, research, including guest, blog posts, articles, academic and book writing. In addition to earning money, this work will give you the opportunity to enlighten other people.

Online programming

Do you like coding? If you have proficiency in any programming language like PHP, Python, C+, Java etc. you can get a job online. You can apply for a freelance programming job depending on your skills and experience.

Skill-based freelancing

Even if you are not a designer, writer or programmer, there is nothing to worry about. There are different job opportunities for people of different professions on the internet. If you have skills in any specific field of knowledge like business planning, project management, digital marketing etc. then you can look for a job as a freelancer in the international market.

Supply work

So far we have discussed several local and international platforms where skilled people can sell their skills online. But if you don't have any special skills to sell online, how do you find a job to run a household? There is nothing to worry about, there is a way if there is a will.

In the current lockdown situation, people's reliance on various online shops to buy essential products is constantly increasing. Many people are ordering groceries, cooking utensils, medicines, children's products and many more online. In this context, many companies are recruiting additional manpower to supply products in different parts of the country, including Dhaka. If a healthy person has a motorcycle or bicycle, he can easily apply for a supply job.

However, in order to find a specific job that matches your skills, you need to do in-depth research on these platforms. There are several rules and regulations for doing business online from home. Especially in e-commerce, it is dangerous to go into this business without having any idea. So before doing business online, you need to have a basic idea about it. Let's Learn Online Business Strategies-

Selection of products that meet the demand

It is important to choose which product is in high demand online. Most people make the mistake of researching products and markets. The probability verification strategy is a lot like this, you have to find out what people are looking for and their needs. Although the task is quite complex, the Internet has made this type of market research very easy. For example: you go to different online forums and see what kind of questions people are asking and what kind of problems they are trying to solve.

Do keyword research if you have the opportunity. Do research to find out what kind of keywords people search for more. If necessary, visit the site of the contestants. Try to find out what they are doing to meet the needs of their customers and search for customer needs. Or what kind of strategy is being adopted. Make a note of each topic. Build a product list with what you find by researching.

Innovation in sales

Many are selling products online. Several of these companies have also gained acceptance from buyers. As a result, if you want to do business online, you must always adopt new strategies. E.g.

  1. Interesting title of the product.
  2. Accurate description of the product.
  3. Timely price discount.
  4. Add a guarantee and warranty with the product if possible.
  5. Keep videos with product photos.
  6. Selling the right product.

Creating pages or websites

It takes time to create a great web site for businesses after selecting products. However, many people are now doing business on Facebook before creating a website. In this case, you have to open a Facebook page and do marketing there. Here are some important strategies to keep in mind-

  1. Try to make the product description informative
  2. Put the option of giving buyer comments on the website.
  3. When doing business on a Facebook page, manage your business using Business Manager.
  4. Post regular product pictures and videos on the page.
  5. Add buyers' comments.

Pay special attention to digital marketing

When it comes to online business, success is not possible without digital marketing. If you want to increase product sales and expand your business quickly, there is no substitute for digital marketing.

Arrange for fast delivery 

The most important part of online business is delivery. If the product is not delivered properly, it will not be possible to attract the buyer. As a result, before going into business, you have to be associated with a good quality courier service or delivery company.

In the case of online business, those who enter the business with the latest technology,  will be more likely to succeed. Especially those who will start a technology-related business in education, agriculture, health, etc., they will do well. The use of technology in event management or the addition of holograms will make virtual events more attractive to viewers and participants. For those who want to become entrepreneurs in a new way, using information technology can add a new dimension to their enterprise.

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