'2 Weekly Holidays in All Educational Institutions from 2023'

Education Minister Dipu Moni || Photo: Collected

Education Minister Dipu Moni || Photo: Collected

The government will introduce a two-day weekly holiday in all educational institutions in the country from the next year, Education Minister Dipu Moni has said.

Dipu Moni came up with the announcement on Saturday while addressing the inauguration program of the new curricula of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB).

“There are already two weekly holidays in universities and in some secondary and higher secondary level education institutions. We proposed two-day weekly holiday for the secondary and the higher secondary level educational institutions to the Prime Minister with the new curriculum plan.”

The PM later added the primary educational institutions in the plan, she said.

Sixty-two educational institutions which have been brought under the new curricula will get two weekly holidays from this year, she said.

Piloting of the new curricula will start in these institutions from February 22 with the reopening of the education institutions. 

Dipu Moni said there might be faults and mistakes in the books inaugurated today as they have been published newly under the curricula.

“As the piloting begins, we will get feedback every week to determine success of our efforts with the new curriculum,” she said.

About introducing technical education in all educational institutions, the minister said,” It will need a huge investment in the education sector as newn infrastructures like workshops, laboratories, tools will be needed to introduce technical education in all educational institutions.

“Already technical education has been initiated in 600 educational institutions. This will need to be done in phases as we have included the subjects of life and livelihoods in the new curricula,” Dipu Moni added.


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