Expert Committee Recommends Excluding 'Sharifa's Tale' From Textbook

The history and social science textbook of the seventh grade || Photo: Collected

The history and social science textbook of the seventh grade || Photo: Collected

Recently, there has been a recommendation to exclude 'Sharifa's Tale' from the textbooks of the seventh grade due to the opinion of expert committee that 19 words used in the stories are not contextually appropriate with societal norms. A report on this matter has been submitted to the Ministry of Education, and a final decision is expected soon.

Discussion on various subjects has begun since the start of the academic year, from the first term itself. Most notably, there has been considerable criticism regarding "Sharifa's Tale" in the history and social science textbook of the seventh grade, which has been evaluated by a special committee appointed by the Ministry of Education. 

The committee has recommended omitting the story, stating that 19 words in it and 24 words in the accompanying educational aid are not appropriate in the context of society. Therefore, they suggested replacing the entire story with another humane story to raise awareness about the rights of hijras in society.

Professor Mohammad Farhadul Islam, the chairman of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), stated, "The report has been submitted to the ministry. We will take action according to the decisions made by the ministry."

Apart from this, the NCTB has identified 147 errors in textbooks from the sixth to the ninth grades. Schools have already been informed about these errors, according to the chairman of the NCTB.

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