Govt Officials Received Automatic Increments Online

Government of Bangladesh's logo || Photo: Collected

Government of Bangladesh's logo || Photo: Collected

Government employees get their salaries increased on July 1 every year. Its continuation started on 1st July after 12 midnight. Automatic annual salary increase is done through the online pay fixation website. The annual salary is increased at the rate of 5% on the basis of pre-determined steps or according to the basic salary or stage arranged according to scale.

How do I see if the annual salary or increment increases?

You can easily view increments online using your mobile or laptop or computer. This will require your NID number and verification number. The mobile number used in your pay fixation must be active. Easy Step: Go to Pay Fixation> Next Step> I have to print, read and understand then tick> Next> Increment> Yes> Civil> NID Number, Verification No. , Capcha Entry> Login> OK> Verification Code> 5352> Validate> Increment Date Select> Click GO> Increment Sheet> Go bellow to See Basic.

What would happen with the increment sheet?

The increment sheet has to be entered in your service book and attested by the head of the office. Your office authority will not be able to issue increment sheets without you. Since the verification code goes to your mobile, you can take it out yourself and submit it to the administration or accounting branch of your office. It is very important to check whether there is an increment online now because if there is no increment in the pay fixation, you will have to go through the trouble of submitting your monthly salary. If there is no increment due to the attachment of the pay fixation website with ibas ++, your monthly salary will be submitted to the old base.

Need to update Master Data on ibas ++?

Yes, if your salary changes in Pay Fixation, Ibas ++ is supposed to be auto-changed, but you have to enter and update each increment using Master Data> Employee Salary Information using NID. So you need to check the increment and update the salary allowance in ibas ++. Not just basic, home rent also needs to be updated. Ibas ++> Master Data> Salary Information> NID> Basic and House rent> Edit> Update> next and Save Byas became Salary info update.

Is the increment taken at night?

Yes, the increment started at night. If someone's increment is not automatic, it must be updated through the accounting office. If someone needs to suspend the increment, then Leave or Suspension Entry in Service Stage management in ibas ++. If an employee has an increment suspension order and the increment is attached to the pay fixation, it must be canceled by notifying the Accounting Office.

Everyone gets auto increment, does it need to be checked?

Although it seems automatic, the automatic thing is just as easy as it is a bit complicated. In many cases, 2 or 3 out of 100 employees did not work automatically, even if the server is slow or there is a problem with the master data. So every time you check the increment entry and confirm the entry in the service book.

Is the increment copy to be verified with the accounting office?

Of course not. It is entered by the accounting office so there is no need to send the ledger to the accounting office for annual salary increase entry or service book entry every year. The increment verification is done by the head of the office and the increment copy must be attached to the service chest.

Surname doesn't look right or the increment sheet looks blank?

If the name does not appear correctly on your increment sheet, you can contact the accounting office to correct the name. If the increment sheet is blank, you should understand that the increment entry has been missed. You can contact the nearest accounting office and add the increment.

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