Mithila files complaint

Photo: Collected from Instagram

Photo: Collected from Instagram

Social media is now upside down with the leaked photos and a video chat of intimate moments of actress Mithila with director and producer Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi which was posted from a Facebook group called ‘Tech Binodon’ on Monday. 

Apart from social media after this incident, many people including fans have a lot of questions in their minds — they want the statements from Fahmi and Mithila.

Besides, attempts were made to contact Mithila several times over the matter. However, no response was received.  

However, around 10:00 pm on Tuesday night, Mithila posted a status on her verified Facebook page. In this, she writes, “I have not come up with any explanation for what happened. Rather, I want to make my position clear about what has happened to some of my personal photos through social media. Some of these pictures are real, some are fake. Some criminals have retaliated and released them online to defame my reputation.”

Referring to some photos taken during her love affair with Fahmi in 2017-18, Mithila said “his (Fahmi ) Facebook profile was hacked. Only then did the criminals find those pictures for evil purposes.” 

“Here I want to emphasize the word ‘dating’, which means we were in a relationship. Simply to say ‘two people spend close moments hugging each other, capturing photos’. But in the technology age, they share it through social media. However, I am the one to blame not to protect my privacy.”

Besides, regarding the leaked intimate photos, Mithila said “she is not ashamed”. ‍She wrote, “I am ashamed to think that some ugliest people in the country have taken advantage of my personal moments by posting, sharing, and using them on social media. Disgracing my reputation and image, they are mainly increasing subscriptions and spreading various news. I’m practically raped.” 

“I am ashamed of the media, especially some news portals have published this news quoting me without my permission. But I never talked about it or made any statement. I am equally ashamed and enraged when women are sexually harassed everywhere, including in the outside world, the virtual world.”

Clearing her position, Mithila writes, “I firmly believe that my honor and dignity is not confined to my body or lingerie or personal image. I have achieved all through hard work, creativity and education in life. It is not like stumbling over some criminals to steal my past personal moments.”

Regarding not talking about the leaked pictures in the last 24 hours, Mithila said: “she hoped that she would be able to come back stronger”. However, she said she had taken legal action against those who have posted news with the leaked photos without her permission.

Mithila on Tuesday filed a written complaint with the Cyber ​​Crime Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) after some of her intimate moments’ photos with Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, director and producer, went viral on the internet.

Confirming the matter, Nazmul Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of the Cyber ​​Security and Crime Division of the DMP’s Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC), said: “A written complaint was filed by Rafiath Rashid Mithila.”

“I would urge respectful netizens to spend time with their family without having to deal with it and not too concerned with others’ issues. Those who intentionally commit this abominable act are in violation of the law,” Mithila said in a Facebook status.

Noted that, an intimate photo of Mithila-Fahmi was posted from a Facebook group called ‘Tech Binodon’, then the photos went viral from there. The pictures have been shared by many on social media Facebook.


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