Soumitra Chatterjee’s Condition Worsens

The neurological condition of the legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee worsened on Friday, and the doctor who attended said it was the worst in his stay at the hospital where he was admitted for more than a month, reports PTI.

The EEG has shown that there is very little activity in the brain, the doctor said.

Though Chatterjee had no convulsions, his heart conditions were not healthy, he said.

His oxygenation requirement has gone up and his kidney function has deteriorated.

“Chatterjee’s condition has actually deteriorated. His neurological condition is worst in the entire period of his stay. It deteriorated in the last 48 hours. We did an EEG but there is very little activity within the brain itself,” the doctor said.

The Neuro Board will closely track Chatterjee for the next 24 hours. "As of now the condition is bleak, but maybe by the grace of God it will come out of it the doctor said. On the plus side, no bleeding occurred while the liver function and other parameters were healthy, the doctor said in the bulletin.

“Overall it seems his situation won’t be good in the coming 24 hours. For the first time, we are expecting the unfavourable outcome of the entire thing. We are giving our best but it seems our best may not be adequate for the full recovery of Mr Chatterjee,” he said.

The 85-year-old thespian undergone the first plasmapheresis on Thursday and the tracheostomy on Wednesday.

The legendary actor, who debuted in Satyajit Ray's masterpiece Apur Sansar, has been undergoing treatment at the hospital since October 6 after a positive COVID-19 examination. Later, he tested negative for infection but COVID-19 encephalopathy set in and various other complications surfaced.


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