'Abchhaya': A Garo Language Docu Film on Liberation War

Tushi Hagidak, The unknown story of participation in the great liberation war will emerge through her speech in the docu film

Tushi Hagidak, The unknown story of participation in the great liberation war will emerge through her speech in the docu film

Shariful Islam Palash is making a documentary film on the story of the liberation war and the life of a group of Garo women freedom fighters who are hidden from the public eye. 'Achik' or the Garo language documentary is in the process of being filmed. The 40-minute documentary will release domestically and internationally on the upcoming Victory Day.

In 1971, a group of Garo women trained at the Kamala camp built by Indian Army Captain Niranjan Singh Chauhan of Sector 11. All lived in Lengura in Kalmakanda bordering Netrakona. Inspired by the words of the then headmaster of the Baluch Sacred Heart School, Gabriel Rangsa, they set foot on the battlefield.

They have done everything from providing first aid to the wounded freedom fighters and secretly providing information on the movement of Pakistanis to handling weapons, and ignoring society and family. This team is led by Mallika Ghagra. Among the others were 15 including Tushi Hagidak, Magdhalina Nengminj, Sanchita Zarina Rema, Tanya Chisim, Selina Howie, Rita Nakrek, Zita Nakrek, Turturi Nakrek, Chaya Bonwari, Suzanna Jambil, Mukul Azim, Rachita Hagidak, Benjina Nakrek and Hasina Banwari.

After the killing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family in 1975, his influence also affected the tribal villages. These brave women hide their identity as freedom fighters because of the deadlock across the country. 51 years have passed since independence. Those women were not recognized as freedom fighters. They go from door to door to the authorities for recognition. One of those brave women is Tushi Hagidak. She is a retired school teacher. The unknown story of participation in the great liberation war is emerging in her speech. The filmmaker hopes that this documentary film will reveal an unknown aspect of the liberation war.

The director of the documentary Shariful Islam Palash said, "We have been doing the work for more than three years. After so many years of independence, the task was not easy at all. The work is going to see the light of day with the united efforts of all the collaborators. On the one hand, it is a story of unknown heroism-deprivation, on the other hand, we are hopeful about the film because it is made in Garo or Achik language. If all goes well it will be released on the upcoming Victory Day. This will pave the way for us to recognize these brave women."

The screenplay of the documentary is written by popular Garo language poet Matendra Mankhin. The shooting of the film is going on in the border area of ​​Dhobaura in Mymensingh and Kalmakanda in Netrokona. The Path Creator is producing the documentary. And its making is sponsored by the non-governmental organization Asian Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP).

It should be noted that 'Abchhaya' is Shariful Islam Palash's third documentary film on the liberation war. Earlier in 2021 for the first time in 2021 the unknown story of guerrilla freedom fighter master Roni Hijra titled 'Agnijhora Diner Na Bla Kotha' and the story of three brothers freedom fighters Geeta, Ira and Bhakti Kar of Rajbari aired in this year titled 'Ronangoner Tinkanya' has been well appreciated.

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