Why Did Mithila Exclude 'Khan' From Her Name

Rafiath Rashid Mithila || Photo: Collected

Rafiath Rashid Mithila || Photo: Collected

Rafiath Rashid Mithila, a widely recognized actress in the Bengali film industry, is commonly known as Mithila by the general public. Interestingly, she used to have 'Khan' in her name, which she decided to exclude. The reason behind this choice was recently disclosed in an interview.

Mithila explained, "Yes, my name originally included 'Khan,' but I chose not to use it. In reality, 'Khan' is a part of both my father's and grandfather's names. Having such a lengthy name felt impractical, so I left out 'Khan' when registering for my SSC exams."

It's worth noting that Mithila married the well-known actor and musician Tahsan Khan. Many assume that she removed 'Khan' from her name following their separation. However, according to Mithila, the decision to drop 'Khan' from her name occurred before her marriage to Tahsan.

While she shortened her name, the question arises: who gave her this name in the first place? Mithila clarified, "Rafiyat Rashid was a name chosen by my grandfather, and Mithila was a name given to me by my mother."

Mithila has a strong bond with her father, who used to style her hair when she was a child. Now, she follows the same tradition by tending to her daughter Ayra's hair.

Mithila shared, "Since my childhood, I've observed that both my parents actively engage in household chores daily. My mother is a schoolteacher, so after she leaves for work, my father takes care of all our family's needs, from preparing Ayra's school lunches to ironing clothes."

During the recent Durga Puja holidays, Mithila returned home, and her husband Srijit was also with her. The couple is set to return to Kolkata in the near future.

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