Increased Number of Dengue Cases Reported through July

Representational Image (Photo: Collected)

Representational Image (Photo: Collected)

More than thousand dengue patients have been identified so far in the 22 days of July, according to the health department.

The Health Emergency Operations Center and Control Room of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) reported the information on Thursday (July 22).

According to the control room, as of 8 am on July 22, 1,013 dengue patients have been identified this month. And in the last 24 hours (from 6 am on July 21 to 6 am on July 22), 25 dengue patients have been identified. And they are all patients of Dhaka.

Meanwhile, 412 people have been admitted to various hospitals across the country due to dengue. Of them, 409 are admitted in 41 government and private hospitals in the capital Dhaka, while the rest are in hospitals in other parts of the country.

A total of 1,385 dengue patients have been admitted to hospitals in the country from January this year to this morning, and 970 have returned home with treatment.

According to the control room, 32 people were infected with dengue in January this year, 9 in February, 13 in March, three in April, 43 in May, 272 in June and 1,013 in July.

A total of 362 people have been identified from January to June this year and only 1,013 people have been identified in one month till July 22 alone. Which is more than three times the total number of patients from January to June.

The DGHS has said more than once that the number of dengue patients is increasing. Professor Robed Amin, a spokesman for the department, said the number of dengue patients was 71 in June. The number of infected patients in Dhaka is relatively high. But the number of patients outside Dhaka is also gradually increasing. At present the number of patients outside Dhaka is 32. About 812 patients have been infected with dengue since January. Everyone should be aware of dengue prevention. Must use mosquito nets. The unmoving water should be cleaned.

He said the number of patients in the South City Corporation area of ​​Dhaka is much higher and the number of dengue patients is higher in private hospitals besides government.

Professor Robed Amin said, thinking about the whole of Dhaka, many have already been admitted to the hospital. Some people's physical condition has been like going to ICU. That's why we need to figure out how to prevent it. Dengue patients are much more likely to get worse if they are infected with the coronavirus.

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