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Admit it, being stuck in a cubicle was not exactly what you imagined when you were writing ‘My Aim in Life’ as a second grader. And yet, here we are, spending more waking hours of our lives in and around the cubicle than anywhere else. But who says that needs to be boring or uninspiring?

Your cubicle, in a way, is your very own space, where you spend numerous hours at. And so, adorn it and let it be the cool and comfy mini-abode in your office that’s also expressive of the personality or the interests you have!

Here’re some cubicle decor ideas for your inspiration.


First things first — tidy up! Your cubicle is not a dumpster of all sorts of random, unwanted things. It is also certainly not an archaeological site where ancient relics — in the form of old documents or papers which you had been done with ages ago — lie under the debris of newer work.

So, get rid of the things you can — and that may be a lot! Free your desk of any papers or documents which you will not be needing for the day, or is relatively of low priority. Drawers exist for a reason, you know!

Once you have gotten rid of the clutter, play divide-and-rule: compartmentalise! From small handwoven holders to mason jars to glass bottles, or even a cute old tray which has been lying about in the kitchen — anything is fair game for keeping your stationary, notepad, and other things you regularly use.  


After cleaning up, the next best thing you can do is bringing life to your cubicle with a plant. Cactus is of course great as it is easy to take care of. But there are quite a few other options as well. Just visit a couple of nurseries and see for yourself.

Be it small potted-plants, or those in sleek jars or even test tubes, your cubicle will liven up with a plant or two!


Everyone loves something from pop culture. Announce that love to everyone by flaunting it on your desk.

Inspire yourself at work with the action figure you most look up to. Or perhaps even get the whole Avengers team to accompany you. You may also adorn the cubicle wall with a poster of your favourite movie. Or why not hang a good-old yo-yo to add some nostalgia?  


You and I are far off from attaining Nirvana. And the office, one may argue, is possibly the last place to find it! But at the same time, with deadlines looming over your head and constantly crunching numbers or striving for seamless logistics, we all crave a little peace of mind when the going gets tough.

And hence, for that ‘little peace of mind,’ decorate your cubicle accordingly. Put a Buddha statue on the desk. These statues come in a wide array of sizes and forms. A Buddha statue will not only elevate the beauty of the desk manifold, but may also remind you to maintain your calmness and composure in times of anger and despair. Indeed, there is something surreally soothing about the sight of Buddha.

You can also keep a prayer wheel handy. A small prayer wheel usually has a handle to spin the cylinder. The cylinder is adorned with mantras or prayers, which can also be found on a paper tucked inside it. These simple and yet, mystical-looking prayer wheels would be a great addition to anyone’s desk!

Speaking of which, if you are really into such artifacts, consider decorating a portion of the cubicle partition with some prayer flags, attached in a string. 


A cubicle is no art gallery, but a little bit of art indeed jazzes it up.

We not are talking of expensive ones — or the large ones, for that matter. After all, you do not want your space to be too loud or overwhelming.

But a photograph or two really livens up the space. Instead of buying expensive photos, hoard from your colleagues who are photographers at heart. Go through their collections online and barter your picks in exchange of a treat. Then, frame them with inexpensive frames.

On the other hand, you can also go for paintings, masks, or pottery.

Fancy rickshaw art? Nowadays, there are various boxes, containers, trays, and other everyday objects for sale which flaunt the rickshaw art theme. Or visit some arts shops for the real deal. Or perhaps, even better, get in touch with an artist to commission and have your own rickshaw art, made to order!

But whatever you do, make sure not to clutter the cubicle.

Cubicle ‘trinkets’ are fun to collect and indeed make the workspace more fun! Use them to adorn your cubicle and give it a personality!


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