5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

Representational Image: Collected

Representational Image: Collected

The number of deaths due to heart attack is increasing. Heart disease can affect people of any age. If heart disease is not caught in time, it can be a cause of danger. It is possible to reduce the risk of heart disease by adopting awareness in life.

In this regard, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that a sedentary lifestyle, aging and family history can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle to avoid the risk of heart attack. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of heart attack:

1. Cholesterol control

Controlling cholesterol levels is extremely important to reduce the risk of heart attack. The CDC says that as your blood cholesterol levels rise, so does your risk of heart disease.

2. Blood pressure

High blood pressure increases the working pressure of your heart. As a result, the heart muscle becomes thick and stiff. So you can exercise regularly to control your high blood pressure. Also, avoid foods that can raise your blood pressure.

3. Keep weight under control

Weight control can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack. So to reduce the risk of heart attack, take steps to control your weight and avoid foods that help you gain weight.

4. No to smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can greatly increase the risk of heart attack. Even cigarette packets say that it increases the risk of heart disease. These can lead to serious health problems, including high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke. So if you have a habit of these, take steps to avoid them now.

Source: Eatthis.com


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