Potato Juice for Healthy And Shiny Hair

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Image: Collected

In winter, the hair will be as rough as the skin. At this time, the incidence of dandruff increases, as well as the problem of hair loss, split ends, and tangled hair. So many people use different types of cosmetics to keep their hair looking good. However, in addition to oil and shampoo, you can use potato juice for hair care.

Potatoes contain magical beauty ingredients that are beneficial for skin and hair. Dandruff and other fungal problems can be eliminated if there is sufficient pH content in the scalp. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals which help to make hair shiny and beautiful. At the same time, regular application of potato juice helps in hair growth.

But you not only use potato juice, but you also need to know the right way to use it. Let us know the ways and benefits of using potato juice in the care of hair.

New hair grows

As your new hair grows, so will your hair density. And potato juice will help you in this task. That's why first you have to take a cup of potato juice and mix it with an egg yolk and two teaspoons of honey. Then mix all the ingredients and paste well. Now apply the paste on the hair and scalp and wait for twenty minutes. Then wash with a mild shampoo. You can use it once a week. The hair will be thick, as well as soft and beautiful.

Eliminates split ends

Hair loss can also be a problem during winter. Many times pollution, use of various types of chemical cosmetics can also cause split ends. So use potato juice for hair care at this time. Because potato juice is effective in eliminating the problem of split ends. Take a small amount of potato juice and mix it with a little lemon juice, coconut milk and honey well. Then apply it on the scalp and wait for half an hour. Then shampoo your hair. If you use it twice a week, the problem of split ends will be eliminated quickly. As well as the hair will be shiny.

Retains hair moisture

The amount of water vapor in the air decreases during winter. It also affects our skin and hair. At the same time the scalp became dry. The amount of dandruff increases. So it is important to retain the moisture of the scalp to keep the hair good. That's why you can use potato juice. First take out the amount of potato juice. Then mix three teaspoons of aloe vera gel with it. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Then wait twenty minutes. Now wash in lukewarm water. Use it twice a week. This will keep the scalp moist.


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