Unauthorized Hajj Performers Face Deportation, Entry Restrictions

Residents in Saudi Arabia need permission to perform Hajj || File Photo

Residents in Saudi Arabia need permission to perform Hajj || File Photo

Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid al-Adha on June 16th. Accordingly, preparations for Hajj are underway. Pilgrims from various countries have begun their journey for Hajj. However, there are certain restrictions regarding the performance of Hajj in the country. Especially, residents in Saudi Arabia need permission to perform Hajj.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior has stated that any resident in Saudi Arabia who performs Hajj without permission will be deported to their home country. Even re-entry will be restricted.

Furthermore, those who violate the rules of Hajj will face a fine of 10,000 Riyals, whether they are Saudi citizens, residents, or visitors.

Importance is given to adhering to the rules of Hajj and ensuring that pilgrims can carry out their activities comfortably and smoothly, according to the ministry.

According to the rules, the official events of Hajj will commence from Friday, June 14th. Pilgrims from within Saudi Arabia and around the world who have gathered in the country will begin the official activities of Hajj from this day onward.

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