Cyber Security, A Growing Crisis for Youths

More than ever, the Internet has made our lives simpler. But the nature of crime evolves with the advancement of modern technology. Most of the crime is now committed by the use of various forms of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Whatsapp. Cybercrime is a crime carried out using the internet and digital technologies. In spite of having a cybersecurity act, the rate of cybercrime is rising quite rapidly in our country. The prevalence of cybercrime is seen among the younger generation, especially those between 15 and 25 years of age.

Girls and women are the worst victims of cybercrime. They are being harassed sexually while using social networking sites. In Bangladesh, about 80% of the whole population is using Facebook. Among them, 73% of Facebook users are aged between 13 and 25. Although, the total number of girls and women Facebook users was very low even a few years back, nowadays the trend of using Facebook and other social site has got immense popularity among girls and women. Most of the adolescent girls are suffering more than others. A report published in the Financial Express on 8th October 2020 revealed that “about 70 percent of the victims of cybercrimes in our country are teenage girls”. 

Actually, they lack proper IT literacy and have no knowledge of ‘how to use a social site safely’. As a result, they are connecting with many unknown people on social sites and getting themselves involved very closely with the criminal. Taking this opportunity, the criminals carrying out their heinous act like collecting personal photographs, recording unpleasant videos, making pornography and so on. The rate of this type of crime is increasing day by day in our country. Every day we found news regarding cybercrime in the national newspaper of our country. In most cases, the victim is a girl or a woman. The offenders commit this crime in such a way that the girls fall into a trap or in a blackmailing situation and finally attempt to commit suicide. Cybercrime puts our girls and women in a growing crisis of cybersecurity which is needed to be curb as soon as possible. It is time to take the necessary steps to ensure cybersecurity for girls and women. The best and effective policy to curb cybercrime is to raise awareness among all people at all levels. Most importantly we need to increase awareness among girls and women who are the worst victim. So, what should be the solution to this problem? Yes, there are some ways that should be maintained by the girls and women to protect themselves from this heinous act. The tips are as follows-

Don’t share your password

While using social sites you need to maintain privacy in case of sharing passwords. Your password is more important than anything. To keep yourself safe, don’t share your password with anyone even with your close one and keep those password private and complicated.

Don’t share more than necessary 

Share the message, pictures, or videos that are necessary for you. But, don’t share your personal thing in a public place like Facebook. Don’t try to share whatever you do in daily routine, it will cross the limit and causes harm to you. 

Don’t leave your webcam connected

At the time of using the internet, you must ensure your webcam is switched off. If you don’t do that, it will slyly record your movements without your knowledge. So be careful about your webcam.

Don’t meet an unknown or partially known person alone

Before going to meet an unknown or partially known person you should inform your parents and you should meet in a crowded restaurant or coffee shop. Because, if you ask for help from someone in a crowded place you will get help easily. You must keep in mind this point all the time. 

Reveal only as much as needed

There are many girls and women in our country who shares almost all the thing including where they visit, what she likes most, what are their dislikes and disclose their lifestyle on social site. Some of them are too crazy to share their family member and close one's pictures which are then throw them into a various problem. Don’t do this, reveal only as much as needed. 

Don’t browse freebies 

Freebies come as games, messages, and deals. They may be riddled with malignant viruses, spyware and malicious software. These can get into your device and mine all your data. 

Block people you don’t want to interact with

People who are disgusting to you, block them from your social networking site. This will dwindle your risk of becoming a cybercrime victim. 

It is high time to take the necessary steps to halt cybercrime. To ensure cyber safety for girls and women they need to be aware of their do’s and don’ts on social media. To raise awareness among girls and women the government needs to implement a cybersecurity act properly and in this way one day we will be a cybercrime-free country. Where every girl and woman can move as their own without fearing anyone. Let’s work for cybercrime free country.   

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