Covid-19: World Tourism Sector Is In Dire Situation

Due to the Covid-19 virus, the world is going through one of the worst times of this century which has repeatedly stopped life and livelihood.  Everything came to a standstill under the influence of Coronavirus. Public gatherings are prohibited to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  As a result, the tourist spots are without tourists for a long time. Tourism-based life is also going through a difficult time now. Every aspect of the world has changed because of the coronavirus.  People's professions, way of life, way of working have all been changed.

The coronavirus is destroying the world's economy, politics, sports, arts, and everything like life. After the first wave of the coronavirus, when the tourism sector was gradually becoming normal, the second wave started. Third-wave is waiting. Again, the tourist spots are empty. At the same time, the people who depend on tourism have a frustrating time. Losing their livelihood, their lives have become miserable. The tourist centers became crowded during the Eid festival. There are also some countries in the world that have economies mainly dependent on tourism.  Many countries now want to increase the number of tourists in their country. Various initiatives are being taken to make it attractive for domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. 

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The tourism sector has been affected along with other sectors due to Coronavirus. This sector is in crisis all over the world. The trade and commerce that has centered on the tourist spots are stagnant. As a result, the people involved in this sector become unemployed and suffering from basic needs. Tourism is an important part of the economy.  During the lockdown period and after that the tourist centers were also closed. One piece of information said that at present the contribution of the tourism sector to the country's gross domestic product (GDP) is 4.7 percent.  According to the Bangladesh Tourism Board, 40 lakhs people involved in the sector have become unemployed. Many tour operators have closed their business down to cope with the last one and a half years. Those who still survive also in deep crisis because there is no hope when the situation will be normal.  

Even if the tourist centers are opened, it will not be possible to overcome the panic and join the crowd for the first time. As a result, this sector will have to bear the pressure of the Corona epidemic for a long time. When it was reopened after being closed for the first time, people started visiting the tourist centers gradually, but in the beginning, the tourist centers were not as popular as before. This requires time because there is still an outbreak of corona in our country along with the rest of the world. Many people will be still reluctant to travel to noisy places due to awareness. Tourism is an important sector and has a contribution to the economy around the world. So, different countries are increasing the facilities of the tourist centers to attracts more tourists both domestic and foreign. It is trying to provide various facilities to the tourists including accommodation, security, food and drink, shopping, history, and heritage sharing. The economy of some countries depends on the tourism industry.

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According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the industry's direct and indirect contribution to the world economy is 8.0 trillion dollars. In 2019, the tourism industry contributed 11.4 percent to the world's GDP. So the development of this sector must develop and it will be more benefited. There are world-famous tourist spots in different parts of our country.  Places visited by tourists from home and abroad every year.  Cox's Bazar is one of these tourist spots. In addition to the world-famous beaches, there are more tourist spots here.  There is Kuakata sea beach in our country. There are numerous tourist spots in Rangamati, Bandarban, and Khagrachari.  Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of Sajek Valley, Nilachal, Nilgiri, Bichanakandi, tea gardens, and Ratargul. Apart from these, there are many visiting places in every district.  Even the places of visiting spots in the Upazila can attract tourists if necessary steps are taken. Travelers travel on holiday with their family to the new tourist centers that can be built.

 Every region of our country has a different beauty. There are different famous tourist places. These famous tourist spots are the center of business and the source of livelihood. A lot of employment has been created around these tourist centers. These people were suffering for the last few months because of Coronavirus. The tourism industry needs to be made world-class so that it is able to attract more tourists.  According to the statistics, the number of tourists in the world was 25 million in 1950, which has now increased to about 1335 million.  With the development of the tourism industry, it is possible to solve a large part of the employment in our country. The tourism industry will be an important regulator in improving the living standards of the people and the development of the country's economy.  So after the Corona epidemic, proper steps should be taken that it can develop rapidly. Authorities should have to stand by the people involved in the tourism industry in the country.  We should help them in these critical times so that they can survive. Many are forced to choose a different profession in the pursuit of life.  Those who are still surviving in this sector somehow it is our duty to stand with them.

The writer is an Assistant teacher at Poschim Bongram Govt primary school, Bera, Pabna.


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