Mass Vaccination Programs

Mismanagement Should Be Eliminated

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In order to control coronavirus infection, mass vaccination programmes have been started from August 7 to bring 3.2 million people in the country under the first dose of vaccine. But on this program, pictures of the deplorable condition of the vaccination centers have come up in various media in the last few days. The number of people interested in getting vaccinated was much higher than the number of people who were vaccinated. In some centers, there have been complaints that many people did not get vaccine even after waiting the night before. 

Innumerable people have been the victims of mismanagement, chaos, nepotism, and harassment in overcrowded centers. Complaining that effective hygiene is not possible in such public gatherings, many fear that vaccination centers could be a source of infection.

Hundreds of people are dying of coronavirus every day in the country. The World Health Organization has guaranteed only 3 percent of the vaccine, where at least 60 to 70 percent of the country's population needs to be vaccinated. In this situation, just as it is important to eliminate uncertainty about vaccination, it is also important to ensure that the vaccination program is completed smoothly. From the beginning of the pandemic, the picture of mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption in our health sector has become clear. Now that mismanagement and chaos is also seen in the field of vaccination. Where the health department is struggling to give three lakh vaccines a day, the question has arisen as to whether the plan to give one crore vaccines in seven days was correct or not. The government needed more proper planning and preparation in this regard. In this case, the required number of vaccination centers and manpower could be further increased.

In addition to public-private offices, public transport and markets have been opened since August 11. The government's strict restrictions on corona infection did not do much good due to frequent changes of decision, nor did it help the people follow health measures. Now it has become an urgent matter to make the mass vaccination program a success. 

Hopefully, Bangladesh is a successful country in the vaccination program. Therefore, it is not impossible to make the vaccination program successful which started from August 7. It is learned that after August 15, the mass vaccination program may be taken up again. In this case, care should be taken to prevent management errors and follow proper hygiene rules. In this regard, the government should keep a close watch and bring the vicious circle hidden in the health department under immediate punishment. Vaccination activities should be carried out in an orderly manner in collaboration with volunteers and law enforcement agencies.

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