Fashion Trends Designers Expect to See in 2020

Tamkanat Siddiqui

Published: 07 Jan 2020, 09:59 pm

Fashion trends come and go and as 2019 drew a closing line, new designs are rising and some older styles are coming back in a new shape. To get an idea of what's coming in 2020, let's keep an eye on what some of our stylists and designers say. 

Peplum-style tops could be utterly popular in the spring

Luis Escudero, creative director, and designer of the Rene Ruiz Collection
 told that peplum, a style that features blazed fabric at one's waist is to be popular once spring and summer roll in. 

He said peplum designs "flatter the lower abdominal area and hide any imperfections."

"People can expect to see the cut merged on just about everything from evening gowns to casual streetwear," he added.

Linear lines like stripes will likely be everywhere

Escudero told that stripes, both horizontal and vertical, will continue to be popular in 2020.

To be specific, he said vertical lines will be big because they look great in photos and "flatter any body type."

Leather will also create an impact on just about every form of clothing

From shirts and dresses to shorts and trench coats, leather is going to be everywhere in 2020, according to Emily Sanchez, a celebrity stylist.

“We'll also see leather in a wide range of colors, which will give the trend a fresh look,” she said.

Puffed sleeves are an emerging trend that will still be popular next year.

Sanchez told that puff-sleeve trend "has been growing for the past few seasons but seems to continue to have interesting iterations on the runway."

“You can expect to see even more types of puffed sleeves, from structured designs to fancy-floaty ones, in 2020,” she said.

2020 will bring back vast trends from the ’70s

Samantha Brown, a New York-based celebrity stylist, said prints and patterns from the 1970s are coming back — we're already seeing a nod to the decade in current fall-fashion trends with corduroy clothing and colors like mustard and burnt orange.

Deconstructed suits are also here to stay for 2020

Deconstructed suits have been popular throughout the year — and they're going to continue to be spotted on red carpets and runways in 2020, Sanchez told. 

Some popular variations of the trend include suit jackets worn with no pants or suit jackets styled with crop tops or bras underneath.

Neon colors will make a big splash in early 2020

Sanchez said designers will likely be incorporating extremely bright colors into their spring collections.

She told that we can expect to see neons paired with other vibrant colors or soft neutrals, explaining that dark colors like black provide "too much contrast." 

Hoop earrings and collar necklaces will be all over the streets and runways in 2020

This hot jewelry trend of 2019 isn't going anywhere for 2020.

"Hoops are here to stay, and 2020 will offer them in all shapes and sizes," "From big and bold to twisted and tiny, all variations will be a fair game next year." said Brown.

Spring will probably be filled with crocheted pieces

"We will also see some late-1960s trends emerge, including crochet and retro florals," Brown told.

Brown said crochet will be especially popular early in the year — and people can expect to see it paired with light dresses and denim.

Polka-dot prints will have their time to shine

Sanchez said 2019 was the year of leopard print, but 2020 will bring a new playful design into the mix — polka dots.

She told that she's already seen a lot of feminine dresses and blouses covered in dots and we can expect to see designers mixing polka dots with other prints or with bold colors. 

As for shoes, loafers are still going to be a fashionable footwear option

Kimmy Erin, a professional stylist told that the loafer trend "isn't going anywhere anytime soon."

She said consumers can expect to see all sorts of loafers, from classic, sleek styles to ones with chunky soles, in stores.

Source: Insider

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