Character of Police in Bangladeshi Drama-Cinema: Is IT becoming Difficult to Work Freely?

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Published: 26 Dec 2020, 11:53 pm

´╗┐After arresting a director and an actor for some dialogues and scenes of a movie released on the app, many are saying that it can be difficult to work independently with the role of the police in dramas, movies, or literature in Bangladesh.

Half of the movie called Nawab LLB was released on an app called i Theater on December 16.

According to the conventional rules, the censor board has a provision to take censor certificates for movies, but this has not happened in the case of this movie - due to the release of the app.

But the police think that the use of obscene language in a scene has violated the pornography law.

But the young producer and writer Ashfaq Nipun thinks that the allegation could have been resolved without directly arresting the director and the actor.

He said, "I can't make art and culture with flowers and herbs. I have to make pictures with the surrounding environment and reality. Now if different communities try to give me embargo that you have to take permission to do something or send me to jail if you don't like it." It's alarming. "

His fear - it started with the police, but in the future maybe the judges will say or the doctors will say about their characters.

"Then no one's story can be told. It's a testament to how cowardly we are heading. But the characters in dramas, movies, literature or web content don't represent the whole community.

He said that character comes in the need of the story i.e. when a business character is shown to be bad, it does not mean that the whole business community is bad.

However, such a reaction from the police regarding the presentation of the police in the film is not new this time.

In April 2015, the police sent a letter to film directors, distributors and producers asking them to comply with restrictions on acting and dressing as police.

Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, president of the Film Directors' Association, said they also discussed the matter with the police.

"Since it went out of censorship and released it on OTT - so that's all about it. "It's really obscene."

However, this time the arrest of the director and the actor is isolated and the allegation is also specific. He says many Bangladeshi movies have very strong dialogues against influential people - but they have never been questioned.

The role of judge, police, lawyer, businessman or political leader has come up in many movies of Bangladesh since time immemorial.

Sometimes the hero, sometimes the villain has become the actor who played these characters.

But there are very few examples of anyone ever being harassed for dialogue.

But Aruna Biswas, an actress and a member of the Film Censor Board, says there is no room for such an analysis - because the obscenity is not compatible with society.

"There are many pictures of patriotism in our country. There are many pictures of police torture. But there is no reason to say such obscene things. I do not support it."

Film researcher and writer Dr. Tapan Bagchi, however, says that the wounds of society are highlighted in the art culture, so the whole thing has to be seen as art.

He said that the movie highlights the negative aspects of the society and for good reason those characters of the police are seen more.

He thinks that if counter-measures are taken without considering it as an industry, it will put a lot of pressure on the film industry.

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