Sheikh Hasina’s Rule Is Better: Maj (retd) Aktaruzzaman

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Published: 05 Jan 2021, 02:35 pm

It will be better for the country and its people if Awami League government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina continues to function, said former BNP lawmaker Major (Retd) Aktaruzzaman.

Sheikh Hasina’s rule is superior and safer than that of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) led by Khaleda Zia, reports media.

He made the statement in an interview with large circulated Bengali daily Bangladesh Pratidin.  

Aktaruzzaman opened mouth on the crucial political question when a section of BNP leaders is attempting to malign the Awami League and threaten the wage movement to oust it.  

Picking BNP or a third party after ousting the government of the Awami League through movement will be fruitless as BNP leaders committed corruption during the two terms of the party, he opined.   

“They (BNP leaders) have lost their moral courage to go for movement against “corruption” of the government. Rather, it is better for Bangladesh to remain under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina government.”

The freedom fighter said that over the next parliamentary elections, BNP should aim to return to power and wait for three more years so that the Awami League government can finish its tenure.

There is a need to revamp the BNP. I assume it would be easier for the leaders of the BNP to focus on bringing about qualitative reform in the party than to oust the government by mass mobilization.

The former Army officer said that ousting the government at this moment means facilitating any third-party to assume state power.

BNP will not benefit from the ouster of the government through movement.

“Bangladesh Nationalist Party needs to be reinvigorated. They (BNP leaders) will have to gain popularity. They will have to make new leadership.”

BNP has failed to play its due role for long as a political party for its leadership crisis, wrong policies and lack of political acumen, said Maj (retd) Aktaruzzaman.   

“I told it earlier that Bangladesh will not get corona vaccine from India’s Serum Institute. But, BNP did not appear before the public picking the issue. BNP could not capitalise on public sufferings, including one caused by price hike of agricultural products. So, I can certify that Sheikh Hasina in power is better than Khaleda Zia’s rule.”

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