Lockdown Turned into a Cruel Joke: Fakhrul

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Published: 08 Jul 2021, 05:20 pm

Mirza Fakhrul attended a virtual press conference. (Photo: Collected)

Mirza Fakhrul attended a virtual press conference. (Photo: Collected)

Commenting that the government is forcing people to stay at home without providing cash assistance or food, BNP general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the current fascist Awami League government has imposed a "mismanagement epidemic" on the people of this country along with the global coronavirus pandemic.

He made the remarks at a virtual press conference on Thursday (July 8th) at noon.

Mirza Fakhrul said, "Lockdown" has now turned into an ineffective cruel joke. The ongoing lockdown is like an inhumane tool to kill millions of marginalized people who are unemployed due to lack of food. As a result of the government's indifference to pandemic management and extreme failure to formulate scientific policies, the situation in the country has become uncontrollable. On the one hand, there are also lack of oxygen, the sudden death of the patients, and lack of ICU facilities. The hospital is not getting the minimum number of beds for treatment and the lack of the required number of doctors and medicines has created panic among the people.

He said the government's reckless decision to impose a "severe lockdown" across the country without ensuring food aid for the poor, especially those who eat day by day, has led them astray. Keeping billions of poor people in the informal sector at home without cash assistance or food aid is a gross violation of human rights.

The BNP secretary general said that in Bangladesh, the general holiday in the name of continuous lockdown from March 26 last year and the lockdown implemented from April 5 this year, crores of unemployed people are deprived of food and medical services and are living an extremely inhuman life. Of these, a total lockdown has been declared for the first 7 days from July 1 and the next 7 days. Public transport is closed. But industrial mills are open. As the government has taken a tough stance, day laborers and low-income people have faced a crisis.

Mirza Fakhrul said the government's unplanned and inhumane lockdown has stalled the lives of millions of people in the country. We all know that if a lockdown is to be implemented in any country, those who will be directly affected by it will have to be provided food by the state on a priority basis. Otherwise it is impossible to keep people locked in the house and the purpose of lockdown is bound to be thwarted.


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