Mahiya Mahi to Star in Chayanika's Next Venture

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Published: 03 Nov 2021, 04:40 pm

Mahiya Mahi || Photo: Collected

Mahiya Mahi || Photo: Collected

Director Chayanika Chowdhury has roped in popular actor Mahiya Mahi and DA Tayeb for her second film "Ohongkari Bou".

The impact of a marriage's class division will be chronicled in the film.

"Mahiya Mahi will play a snooty girl who marries a middle-class man," said Chayanika Chowdhury to the media.

"Right after the wedding, Mahiya Mahi's character makes her husband's life a living hell," she continued.

Despite the fact that the plot sounds a little cliched, the film will be developed with a modern audience in mind.

With Siam Ahmed and Pori Moni appearing in "Bishwa Shundori," Chayanika Chowdhury, who has helmed 416 television programs, made her directorial debut.

In January 2022, she will begin directing the web film "Antorale."

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