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Published: 08 Nov 2021, 12:04 pm

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Just as there are foods to keep the heart or stomach healthy, there are also foods to keep the bladder healthy.

Eating blueberries and nuts is recommended to keep the heart healthy. Again good probiotic food for the stomach. 

Medical science also supports a number of foods and beverages to keep the bladder healthy.

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However, there may be various causes of inflammation or pain in the bladder. 

Therefore, it is better to understand the situation and consult an expert, said Dr. James Kelly, Texas Center for Urology. 

The Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine expert, in a report published on Well&, added, "Some special foods can be added to the diet list if there is a problem with regular burns."   

Caffeine, alcohol, acidic and spicy foods can exacerbate this problem. So this doctor thinks that these should be eaten in moderation.

Water: There is no substitute for water. If you feel irritated bladder, make sure to drink water throughout the day. 

Explaining, he said, “Drinking water flushes out bacteria from the body through urine. Prolonged bacterial accumulation can increase the risk of infection. So you need to drink enough water to get it out regularly. ”

Drinking 11 and a half cups of water daily and adding herbal ingredients to enhance its taste if necessary plays a beneficial role.

Fruits and vegetables rich in high water compounds: Fruits and vegetables rich in watery elements like water are beneficial for the body, said Dr. Kelly.

Fruits and vegetables rich in water content reduce water deficiency in the body.

Dr. "Acetic fruit can cause bladder pain," Kelly warned. So it is beneficial to choose fruits or vegetables that are not acidic. In this case, it is beneficial to eat coconut, watermelon, papaya, peach, broccoli, cauliflower, and green leafy vegetables. ”

Fiber-rich foods: Ash-rich foods such as grains, potatoes, vegetables, etc. help to keep the bladder healthy.

Dr. "Fiber, like water, helps digest food and protects it from bacteria," Kelly said.

Cranberry and its juice: As seen scientifically, cranberry juice helps to relieve bladder complications.

Dr. “Fruits and fruit juices or cranberries as a supplement are good for bladder health,” Kelly said. It contains antioxidants called proanthocyanidins which keep the urethra healthy. ”

There is no harm in adding extra sugar to cranberries.

If you do not get good results using the above ingredients, a doctor should be consulted.

Dr. According to Kelly, any beneficial food is good for the whole body. So these foods should be put on the food list.

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