Rumors over Legendary Actor Farooque's Death Again

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Published: 10 Apr 2022, 03:42 pm

Legendary actor Farooque || Photo: Collected

Legendary actor Farooque || Photo: Collected

´╗┐Rumors over the death of legendary actor Farooque suddenly spread through social media on Sunday (April 10) morning. However, it was not immediately clear who spread the false information.

Farooque has been ill for some time and is currently receiving treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. Family members said that the physical condition of the talented actor is now stable.  

Farooque is accompanied by his wife Farhana Pathan in Singapore. She was contacted by various media outlets to know about the rumors of Farooque's death. At that time Farhana said, "Alhamdulillah, your dear Farooque brother is fine."

She urged everyone not to spread any kind of 'rumor' about Farooque.

Meanwhile, Actor Zayed Khan posted on his Facebook page, "Our dear Mia Bhai remains healthy. You're fine. Please don't spread rumors."

Meanwhile, his family is upset over repeated rumors of the legendary actor's death through social media. Earlier, rumors of his sudden death had spread on the evening of April 8 last year. Exactly one year after that incident, rumors of the death of this time-honored actor were spread again. 

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