10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

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Published: 03 Nov 2022, 03:12 pm

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Have you ever wondered how Korean women have such beautiful, radiant, and well-toned skin? The reason is that most beauty-conscious Korean women follow a 10-step skincare routine that makes their skin look like it never ages. If you are a beauty enthusiast, you can also follow these steps. Let’s take a look at the 10-step Korean skincare routine. 

Korean 10-Step Beauty Care Regimen

Before using Korean products, you need to test whether your skin is sensitive or not. To test this apply the product on the back side of your hand and wait for 24 hours to see the result. If you don’t see any reactions to your skin, you can start using the Korean beauty regimen.  

Oil Cleanser 

The first step is using an oil cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. Koreans have a very comprehensive approach to their skin. They believe in treating their skin gently, and double-cleansing is most of them to care for their skin.

You may know that oil and water push back each other. So it is not wise to start with a water-based cleanser because it will not remove oily impurities. With oil cleanser, you can just ensure your skin is free of SPF, makeup, and the body’s natural sebum. 

To do an oil massage, mildly pat it in a circular motion on your face for three minutes. This massage will increase blood flow and allow the cells to carry out their functions smoothly.  

Foam Cleanser

The follow-up of the oil cleanser is the using a foaming or waterproof cleanser that will remove the piled-up dirt, sweat, and excess chemicals. The cleansers, together cleanse the skin closely. 

However, foaming cleansers have a bad reputation in that they dry and strip the skin because of their high pH and sulfate value. So you are recommended to use a gentle, hydrating, low pH, water-based natural cleanser in your daily skincare routine.

If you have sensitive skin it would be better to use DIY cleaners. Thus your skin gets the cleanse it needs without any harm. 


Your next step in your skincare regimen after foam cleanser can be exfoliation. Exfoliant instantly gives you baby-soft and smooth skin. You need to be aware of two types of exfoliators: physical and chemical. 

A physical exfoliator is a crooked tool that throws away the topmost layer of skin.  Sugar scrubs, cleansing towels, and peeling gels can be best among many others.

However, chemical exfoliators are primarily made up of acids including AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs. Although the word ‘acid’ might seem terrifying, they are very effective too! A chemical exfoliator helps scrap away your dead skin cells and encourages cell turnover and refresh. A chemical exfoliator works on the skin barrier and sinks into the deeper layers of your skin also. 

If you have sensitive skin, physical exfoliators are usually not recommended for you as they only work on the surface of the skin.


Toners in the K-Beauty skincare routine are not the same as other Western toners. They are exceptionally milder and gentler. The great thing is that they provide the first layer of hydration after your cleaning and exfoliating. Korean toners are not alcohol-laden. 

They put together the balance of the pH level in your skin. The ingredients of Korean toners sink deeper into the skin by drenching it with hydration. In a word, these awesome products prep your skin for the next steps that follow in your 10-step skin care regimen.

You can use cotton pads to apply the toner so any remaining dirt can be easily absorbed by the cotton.


Essence is another unique step that is only found in the Korean skin care regimen. Essence cares for your skin with hydration. If you compare your skin to a sponge, what will be the scenario?  

When the sponge is dry, it loses its ability to absorb, but, when you hydrate it by dipping it in a bowl of water, it will work much more efficiently because it has been sufficiently hydrated. 

The using process of essence is very easy. Take a few drops on your fingertips and massage them gently on the skin.


Now your skin is clear and your skin will absorb the more important ingredients effectively. Serums have active ingredients that effectively target and treat skin issues like dark spots, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dullness. To improve your overall skin, this step of the Korean skincare regimen is essential. 

You want to use a weekly ampoule pack in your Korean 10-step skincare routine to balance out your chemical use. Try to apply the serum daily. Take a small amount of the product onto your palm and pat it gently on your skin.

Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are enriched with beneficial vitamins and minerals. They are hydrating also to keep your skin soft and supple. Sheet masks are great to give your skin an enormous dose of moisture, and clarifying marks. It also gives the skin the glow it requires.

You will find a standard-size sheet mask meant suitable for your face shapes and sizes. Apply it to your face and keep it on for 20-30 minutes. To get an instant glow, you can use a sheet mask. 

Eye Cream

You will get active ingredients to target various concerns related to the sensitive eye area in eye cream. An eye cream provides a moisturizing and sealing effect. To treat your eye area first, apply eye cream before your moisturizer. 

Take a very small amount of eye cream and smoothly apply it around the eye area.


Koreans love moisturizer because it gives skin the water it needs to be well hydrated. However, you need to introduce moisturizer to the skin almost last, as many moisturizers contain plosives. These ingredients have a hydrophobic film on the surface of the skin. They form a thin layer of oil on the skin to prevent water from evaporating.

Massage moisturizer on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes.


SPF guards your skin and protects it from sun rays. You can use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin. 

For oily skin, use a physical sunblock or mineral sunscreen. 

Bottom Line

Taking care of your skin is a form of self-care and self-love. Although these 10 steps of the Korean skin care routine are time-consuming, once you are habituated to these steps, these steps won’t take much time at all. However, don’t forget to check the authenticity of the skin care products before applying them to your precious skin. If you face any skin-related problem consult with a dermatologist without delay._UNB

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