Young Actress Nishat Ara Alvida Dies of Dengue

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Published: 02 Sep 2023, 11:47 am

Nishat Ara Alvida || Photo: Collected

Nishat Ara Alvida || Photo: Collected

Nishat Ara Alvida, an HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examinee and a young actress, has passed away due to dengue (Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un). Her family confirmed the news of her death at 10 PM on Thursday, August 31st.

Nishat had participated in the HSC exams earlier this year, and she had recently taken her Accounting exam. However, she couldn't appear for the remaining exams.

It is known that Nishat Ara Alvida suddenly fell ill with a fever just four days ago. Initially, she received primary medical treatment, but later, she had to be admitted to the hospital. Her platelet count was decreasing. Despite a temporary improvement in her condition, she was discharged home. Unfortunately, her health deteriorated again after returning home, and her life could not be saved.

Just four days before her death, Nishat had posted on her Facebook status, "In the next life, I will be a Myna."

A close friend of Nishat, Mohammad Hriday, confirmed to the media that she was suddenly diagnosed with dengue fever four days ago. While she initially received primary medical care, she had to be hospitalized later due to a low platelet count. However, within a day, her platelet count began to rise again. Her friends and family were hopeful for her recovery.

Mohammad Hriday also mentioned that Nishat had aspirations to pursue a career in acting. She had dreams of becoming a model, a big star, and a renowned actress. Acting was something she was passionate about, and she had even tried her hand at it. She wished to learn theater acting.

Nishat had worked in several short films and dramas. After two years of trying, she recently got an opportunity to play a lead role in a drama. Before that, she had been seen in various supporting roles.

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