Police Want More Promotion To 'Overcome Frustration'

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Published: 26 Sep 2023, 11:00 am

Bangladesh Police Logo || Photo: Collected

Bangladesh Police Logo || Photo: Collected

A month and a half ago, the police headquarters applied to the government to create a total of 174 additional posts (supernumerary) in two high-level police posts. But the government has approved the creation of 52 posts. Police say, this post is insufficient for them. Therefore, the Ministry of Home Affairs has requested the Ministry of Public Administration to approve the in-situ increase in the posts of Additional Inspector General (AIG) and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police as requested by the police.

Officers promoted in-situ continue to hold the same posts and perform the same duties even after promotion.

Recently, Ministry of Public Administration approved 52 posts against the proposal of 189 posts of additional IGP and DIG by Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry of Home Affairs took this initiative amidst the ongoing frustration of BCS police cadre officers over the matter.

The posts sanctioned by the Ministry of Public Administration are - two posts of Additional IGP (Grade II) and 50 posts of DIG, of which 140 posts of Additional DIG and 150 posts of SP. On September 19, the proposal was sent to the Finance Ministry for approval.

After examining a proposal by the police headquarters, the home ministry last July sent a proposal to create 15 additional IGP grade-1 posts, 34 additional IGP grade-2 posts, 140 DIG posts, 150 additional DIG posts and 190 SP posts for one year.

Police officials said they were disappointed after the Ministry of Public Administration approved several posts of additional IGP and DIG. They also mentioned that the officers of the administration cadre are getting promoted at the top level.

They said that the creation of posts has been proposed to remove the frustration of police cadre officers who have not been promoted due to lack of vacant posts at senior level.

According to police headquarters sources, promotions to the post of additional DIG and SP may come soon. Because there are no review requests for posts.

Meanwhile, in a letter sent to the Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration on September 19, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs Noor-e-Mahbooba Jaya has sought approval for additional posts of IGP and DIG.

The letter highlights the important role of Bangladesh Police in safeguarding internal and public security and emphasizes the need for adequate skilled manpower in leadership positions to effectively face the new challenges.

Officials of the police headquarters said that if 529 posts were created and the officers were promoted in situ, the government would have required an additional Rs. 1.5 crore per month.

When asked about the matter, Police Service Association General Secretary Asaduzzaman told the media that the number of promotions in the police cadre is very low. So there has been frustration among the police officers for a long time.

He said, considering the situation, a proposal has been sent from the police headquarters, which the Ministry of Home Affairs has sent to the Ministry of Public Administration after verification. But this decision of the public administration has disappointed the police officers.

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