US Urges All Parties To Work Together

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Published: 17 Nov 2023, 01:43 pm

US State Department Logo

US State Department Logo

The United States has urged all parties to exercise restraint, avoid violence, and work together to create the conditions for free and fair elections conducted in a peaceful manner.

"So we have been consistent in our message regarding the upcoming elections, and that message remains the same now that the polling day has been announced," Spokesperson at the US Department of State Mathew Miller told reporters in a regular briefing on November 16 (US Time).

He said the US wants what the Bangladeshi people themselves want: free and fair elections which are conducted in a peaceful manner.

"We do not support one political party in Bangladesh; we don't favour one political party over the other," Miller said.

Responding to a question, he said the safety and security of their diplomats overseas is, of course, their top priority.

"We take any threats against them very seriously. Violence or threats of violence directed at our diplomatic personnel is unacceptable," Miller said.

He said they have repeatedly raised their concerns about the "threatening rhetoric" directed at Ambassador Peter Haas with the Bangladesh government.

Miller reminded that the government of Bangladesh has an obligation under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to ensure the safety and security of US diplomatic missions and personnel.

"And we expect them to act on those obligations," he said.

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