Tamima Claims to Divorced Her Ex-Husband

Cricketer Nasir Hossain's wife Tamima Tammi has said that she divorced her previous husband Rakib.

She made the claim at a press conference with her new husband cricketer Nasir on Wednesday afternoon.

Tamima said, ''I applied for divorce in the year 2016 and that was approved in 2017.  The divorce was done following a legal procedure. So, people might have understood the motive of present happenings.''  

''Using a fake identification on Facebook, fabricated news is being circulated. I have no active Facebook ID.  Nasir uses a Facebook page. If needed, we will notify people through the page. Please, refrain from spreading any rumor,'' she said.      

At the last stage of the press briefing, Nasir's lawyer showed the divorce certificate of Tamima to the journalists.  

Mentionable, cricketer Nasir tied the knot with Tamima on February 14. Five days later, their marriage reception program was held. In the meantime, an allegation was made by the former husband that Tamima got married to Nasir without divorcing him.


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