Facebook Authorities Will Be Suing facebook.com.bd

After failing to respond to several legal notices from the Facebook authorities, facebook.com.bd will now be facing a $50,000 lawsuit in a Bangladeshi court.

Facebook authorities have chosen Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Mokshedul Islam as their advocate.

On Wednesday, Barrister Mokshedul Islam told reporters that the case filing process has begun.

He said a Bangladeshi company called A1 Software Limited has opened a local domain called facebook.com.bd even though no one is allowed to open a website using this name. It is expected that the domain will be sold for $60 million.

The Supreme Court lawyer has received a 700-page document from the Facebook authorities and next week a compensation case will be filed in the lower court of Dhaka. The court will also be asked to impose a ban to stop the website from operating.


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