World's First AI Beauty Pageant 'Miss AI' Announces 10 Finalists

Eliza Khan, Bangladesh's first virtual influencer || Photo: Collected

Eliza Khan, Bangladesh's first virtual influencer || Photo: Collected

We're all familiar with beauty pageants. The world's top three most talked-about beauty pageants—Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss World—are household names. In April of the current year, AI content-dependent website FanView organized the world's first AI beauty pageant, 'Miss AI', showcasing the integration of artificial intelligence and beauty contests. Among the 10 contestants announced is Eliza Khan, Bangladesh's first virtual influencer.

Using artificial intelligence, it's easy to create images from written prompts. Many people use their imagination to create images on various subjects. These AI-generated images often feature beautiful women, inspiring the organization of unique beauty pageants centered around them.

One of the co-founders of the organizers, Will Monahan, stated, "This pageant has been organized to honor these AI creators globally. We hope that in the future, this competition will receive accolades in the AI technology domain."

Over 1500 applications were received in the initial phase. Recently, 10 finalists have been selected from there. These AI beauties were chosen by a special panel of judges, consisting of two humans and two AI influencers.

Judging primarily relies on three aspects: beauty, technology, and presence on social media. In terms of beauty, the AI model's appearance, design, and attire will be assessed. In the technology aspect, the judges will evaluate the creator's skills and the tools used to create the model. Promotion will play the biggest role in the technology aspect.

Among the 10 finalists is Eliza Khan, Bangladesh's first virtual influencer. She runs the fashion and racing product retail shop, Onyx Hub.

Other finalists include Indian AI beauty Jara Shatbari, Moroccan hijabi AI influencer Kenza Laili, and contestants from Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Portugal, France, and another from Turkey.

The top three winners will receive a total prize of $20,000. Additionally, Miss AI will receive $5,000, promotion opportunities on FanView, and a publicist to increase the winner's social media presence.

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